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Lost fairy dust and boosters

Help needed please. I completed 2 new rounds of updates on my house for which I received a stereo bolt  and a sparkling blast, neither of which appeared in my game. And during the first round of house updates I changed from playing on my laptop to using my iPad. When I went back to my laptop later the 2 updates I had made to the house had vanished, and I had to spend another 6000 fairy dust to upgrade them again. So that means I not only lost the 6000 fairy dust but I didn't get the boosters either. And I now feel that I can't play on my iPad in case I lose all the house upgrades.

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    Hi Naomi,

    I've just sent you a message which you can find by clicking on the mail icon in the top right of the main King Care page if on PC, or tapping the left hand menu if on mobile/tablet.


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