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Missing boosters

jwhjwh Posts: 2

Like so many others by the looks of things, my boosters have disappeared.  The last I noticed I had 5/6 of each, and then last night I had nothing.  Today I won a stereo bolt through upgrading my home and when I started a level 15 seconds later it was also gone.


  • StuckInATreeStuckInATree Posts: 4,900 Level 2

    Aren't the boosters you get from upgrading pre-level select only? 

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  • jwhjwh Posts: 2
    edited February 2017

    I'm assuming not as they showed in-game previously, and even said "Stereo Bolt" on screen when the home upgrade was completed.

    There is no sign of pre-level bonus select when I play through Facebook using a desktop

  • LynetteLynette Posts: 4,056 Pet Rescue Moderator

    A lot of Bubble Witch 3 players have this problem (including me)

    I would assume by now the devs are working on fixing it and we just have to wait  :(

  • I have been letting my points build up by not doing the 'improvements' to the house since we are not getting the boosters awarded.  Complete the challenges, get the points for the fairies on friends houses, but don't improve your house.  Wait until they have fixed the issue, by then you should have lots of points accumulated.   

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