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ENDED🌳Wake the tree could get you Gold 🌳

johamilton Posts: 24,967 Bubble Witch Moderator
edited September 2023 in Contests

Ended🌳It is time to Wake up the Tree again!!! 🌳

This is going to be a short and sweet and fun contest. It will only run from 9/6 - 9/16

We all play Wake the Tree daily, so everyone has a chance to play🤸🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Great way to win boosters and maybe a bit of gold 💰️

🌳How To Play🌳

Please post the 3 images in one comment😊

Open up Wake the Tree 🌳and take a screenshot of your task showing your other 2 players

Image of the empty squares

(My players do not match. I just used an image I had. But yours has to match to your first screenshot of the 2 players)

Last image of you receiving the booster prize

When playing you can play 2 flowers each day

You will need complete a Wake the Tree 12 times

Everyone that completes the task will be added into a Random Draw

The 6 random chosen members will receive 30 Gold Bars.💰️

You have until September 16th @ 11am c.s.t. US



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