(FINISHED) Celebrate the Holiday Season with the Community! 1000 Gold bars to be won!

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Ho Ho Ho Witches! 

I hope you’re all getting ready for some celebrations, here we’re already crawling under sweets and chocolate! Since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, we wanted to celebrate with you guys, cause you make the Community such a wonderful place :heart:

As you know, we love to get to know you all more and more and welcome new members every day. The more we know each other, the more vibrant and bubblicious we can make this Community. So we would LOVE to know what you are doing for the Holiday Season! 

To celebrate with you all and make the Holiday even more magical, we are offering 1000 Gold bars! What? How?! It’s simple, for a chance to win, let us know by commenting below where you will be spending the festivities

You might want to show us a picture – Remember that we are curious people and we love pictures here :tongue: – or just tell us what you will be doing. It does not have to be fancy nor to be about celebrations, so everyone is welcome to share and what you tell us is up to you! Then 25 players will be chosen by the Team and receive 40 Gold bars each! All you need to have a happy, sweet, magical time!


Come join us in the celebration and Happy Holiday everyone! And Merry Christmas! 


You have until Wednesday 3rd of January 2019 14.00 CET to participate. The 25 lucky winners will be chosen by our group of King Moderators and contacted by private message. The 25 winners will be picked across all King games communities. The Gold bars will be delivered to the game based on where you have posted your introduction. You can choose if you want the Gold bars delivered on Facebook/King.com or on your mobile device. If you choose mobile device then please make sure your game is connected to Facebook/Kingdom so we can sync your winnings.
Contest Terms and Conditions can be found here

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  • Ill be cooking a complete ham christmas dinner. I usually feed our neighbors as well due to them not being able to afford Christmas. 
  • This is how I will be spending my holidays. My daughter will be home from Dec23-24. I will be making a home made lasagna. We will be going out for breakfast with my daughter, her boyfriend, and my Mom. Christmas Day will be going to Toronto to spend the day with my family 
  • Diane_Smith-2Diane_Smith-2 Posts: 54 ✭✭✭
    Holiday Wishes to all. I will be with family throughout the season. I may even be able to get 2 meals Christmas day if I can eat that much. Alas, I am only an 85 pound weakling and apparently do not have a hollow leg for backup. I will be with my parents at my sister's first with her family. Then I will go to my eldest daughter's place where her sister will be and my grandchildren. Looking forward to it very much. Everybody is so busy it will be nice to just visit, chat and eat too much. Other days are filled with more food, drink, conversation and card games with family members.
  • JoanzJoanz Posts: 17 ✭✭
    Going to my Mom-in-laws, she's 94 and still going strong! When my parents were alive, we did Thanksgiving at one and Christmas at the other and switched each year, been doing this for 35 yrs! :) Brothers, cousins, aunt's, uncles, nephews will all be there! 
  • unknowngirlunknowngirl Posts: 1
    Am spending Christmas with my Daughter - she’s three. I am a solo Mom, and am currently 36 weeks pregnant. As we are alone this year I am making new traditions I can do each year with my kids. 

    Well be having both our favourite foods for Christmas Day with lots of playing, lollies and chocolate - exciting!
  • 'Deb_Harlan'Deb_Harlan Posts: 7
    This Christmas is going to be be the worse Christmas ever.4 of my grandkids are in foster care ,2 of them at their other grandparents and 2 are in Indiana .This is the first Christmas of ever being away from them .I've raised most all of them and this is hurting really bad So this year we will be cooking a Christmas dinner to honour Jesus birthday and give all thanks to the Lord for all he does . It's a long story of why the kids are in foster care  but I pray that after the first of the year prayers get answered and they can come home.
    I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and the best new year ever. 
  • AdeboyeAdeboye Posts: 23 ✭✭
    I'm from Nigeria, Africa.... The economy is so bad, for now I can't afford to buy anything for my family and myself, I even afford to go places with them.
    So we decided to stay indoor and playing Bubble Witch 3 and some other games.
    Wishing you all A Happy new year full of bubbles in advanced
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,076 Community Manager

    Hello dear friends and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones :star:

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful comments! You guys are amazing and that you had a sad or a happy story to share, I deeply hope you all had a great and sweet time during the Holiday :heart:

    I wish you could all win but there can be only 25 winners (for this time ;)) so I won't make you wait any longer, here are the happy winners **Clap Clap** and well done to you all! You guys will receive a private message to explain how to get your Gold! 


    And since you were many to share about your holiday, here are some pictures from where I spent mine. I celebrated Christmas in Denmark: Beautiful but so cold!

    Then I came back to the warmth and spent the New Year's eve in Spain, where I live and where the sun (almost) always shines :)

    Well done to the winners again and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for sharing amazing life moments with us. All the best and let's make this Community the greatest in 2019 ;) 

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