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Missing Charm of fire and ads for more bubbles

jchoquetjchoquet Posts: 2 Newbie
edited April 2019 in Support
My girlfriend and I have been playing Bubble Witch Saga 3 for months now. I'm on level 983 now. What I find unfair with this game is that while we're trying to compete one another for best scores and star count, my girfriend has access to charm of fire (additional bubbles) and also ads to receive additional bubbles at the end of levels.

I don't have either of them. Recently I had the new 3 level hat to help me and she did not. But now she has it too, so why haven't I access to all same privileges. My girlfriend completes levels about twice as quickly because of those bubble bonuses, sometimes 5 bubbles bonus with charm of fire and I think 3 more with ads that she watches when failing level.

So my question: can these features be activated late in the game?



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  • jchoquetjchoquet Posts: 2 Newbie
    Thank you for your kind response. I've been playing intense for the last 6 months. My GF had fire charm for most of that period, and recently +3 bubbles ads have added to that and I never had none of both. So I guess I must not be in the right control group since then. I have no clear advantage over her with another bonus, except the 3 part hat that I had for about 2 weeks before her. Only thing is that her house is stuck and cannot progress anymore even if she has like 90000 powders, while I'm able to keep on building my house. So I guess I'll wait and see, or use up all my boosters and reinstall like you suggest
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 13,214 Superstar
    That's another control group @jchoquet so at least you can be a little smug while you keep upgrading your house and she can't ;)ย 
    Admittedly at the moment I am gathering daily boosters rather than playing properly, they certainly help!ย 
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