Bubble Witch 3 Saga has some magical new boosters!

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So you're a skilled spellcaster?

Brilliant at bouncing and bursting bubbles?

Fantastic at freeing the feathered-flyers and warring with Wilbur?

As any good player knows, tactics, skill and technique can get you out of almost all tricky challenges, but the real treat comes in the form of boosters.  Boosters can help vent the frustrations of a tricky level and help you get from 'almost there' to 'breakthrough' in those tough spots.

So, to help extend your reach we've added a couple of brand new boosters to make light work of the most troublesome bubbles!

In addition to the existing Stereo Bolt, Sparkling Blast and Magic Beam we have a perfect pairing of premium perks!

The Shooting Star

This booster will remove any bubble or group of bubbles you fire it at, so if you're missing the color in your wand needed to wipe out a bunch of bubbles - this will be your savior.

Think of it as a 'joker card' of the pack, as it will be useful in all types of tricky situations. 

Better still, this doesn't even count as one of your turns(as it's a booster), so won't deduct from the number of bubbles needed to pass the level!  Bonus!


The Rainbow Rush

This multicolored magic will destroy all of the bubbles that match the bubble it hits.

Want all the red bubbles off the screen? Aim at a red - it'll do it's trick. Got the blues with the blues? Find just one to target and it'll take them all out.

The limits are only your imagination (and the color you can reach) - so make sure you can hit at least one of the color you want removed, and this shimmering savior will do the rest.

Be sure to look out for these beneficial bonuses in your game and best of luck on your journey!


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