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Fairy Dash reward glitched out

gghoulishgghoulish Posts: 3 New Bee
I hope I format this question/problem correctly, I've never posted here before, so:

I play Bubble Witch 3 on my iPhone and have it up to date. I was supposed to win first place in the fairy dash on level 1020, but something glitched out. I thought it might resolve in a few days or perhaps with an update (I've had issues in the past where it's taken a day or two to register me as finishing a fairy dash), but I've tried everything I could think of and it's been almost a week. It's not a problem to do with my internet, because I've checked it numerous times to make sure it's connected, and I've done other things that require internet. I'm now at level 1062 and it still won't register me as having hit the finish line/won't trigger a new fairy dash at all. I tried clicking on the banner and reloading the app--- I play this game frequently, so it's been closed and opened, and my phone's been restarted, a lot since this problem occurred.


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