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Lost All My Booster Spells after Reloading My Game

RovinglionRovinglion Posts: 6 New Bee
Hi, I play BWS 3 on my 5th generation iPad, with IOS 12.3.1.  My game was acting weird, so after doing the normal fixes (rebooting, etc.), I deleted my game — knowing that it was supposed to be saved via my Facebook account — and reinstalled the game back on my iPad.  When I next logged in, my levels were preserved but I lost ALL of my booster spells!

Here is what I lost (approximately):

Stereo Bolt — 19
Sparking Blast — 14
Magic Beam  — 4
Rainbow Rush — 2
Shooting Star — 0

I worked hard to win these (via Fairy Dash, etc.) and without these booster spells — which I used regularly — I’m finding it difficult to enjoy playing the game.  I would very much like my booster spells returned to me..

Please advise.  Thank you!
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  • RovinglionRovinglion Posts: 6 New Bee
    Thank you kindly, phi1ar, for your response; much appreciated!  :)

    I do wish a developer or a developer rep had also responded because I still wonder two things:

    (1) ***Why*** do all the boosters disappear, when the rank level does not?  What is the purpose of this decision?

    (2) If the developers wish to continue advertising to gamers that connecting through Facebook will “save your game,” then the developers should either:

         (a) Begin saving the valuable boosters that ARE very much a *part of the game* 

                        -  OR -

         (b) Begin *specifically disclosing* in their advertising and their FAQs that only your levels will be saved and all of your boosters will be lost upon reinstallation of the game.

    Anyway, thank you again, for your response.  I’m impressed that community players are so helpful!
  • RovinglionRovinglion Posts: 6 New Bee
    edited July 2019
    Thank you for explaining the reason behind the disappearing boosters, kaiser1618; much appreciated!

    /vent on

    All I thought I was doing was “safely” reinstalling my game — as advertised by the game developers — back onto my device.  Yet I did *NOT* get all of my game information back during that reinstallation.  I find this practice deceptive.

    If the developers want to continue making boosters available during offline play, then the developers also should ensure that players become aware of the full risks of reinstalling the game.  

    /vent off

    Anyway, thanks again for passing on the explanation.
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