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al_t Level 2


  • Hi. Thanks for your reply, however, I am not convinced anything positive will happen. I have accumulated millions of Stardust points that are pretty much useless. I am on level 6755. Each level, even the standard ones, are difficult to the point of tedium, taking many attempts to pass. To be honest, I think it's time for…
  • Wait until you get to 6753. You have a real treat in store 🙄
    in Help with 6734 Comment by al_t January 2
  • As I've said before, once you complete the house and the beanstalk, 'Stardust' is of practically no value. The higher levels are all but impossible without boosters (spells). It would maintain interest if it were possible to use 'Stardust' instead of Gold bars to buy boosters and extra moves. Or to use it to wake up the…
  • I don't like being compelled to play it when I know that there is little or no chance of completing it. It is one of many recent changes including: 1. New style chocolate box which doesn't allow you to review your options. 2. Time limited boosters. 3. Stupid portrait mode which looks rubbish and makes scrolling back over…
  • Candy Royale gets ever more frustratingly ludicrous. This morning, I'm supposed to win ten levels in a row. Give me a break! I'm continually stuck on single levels for days, in part because King allows so few moves in these higher levels. At least spare me the requirement to participate in this wearisome exercise and its…
  • If you even once pay for gold bars or boosters, you will never see ads again. Ever.
  • Completely fed up with Candy Royale. Like the change to the Chocolate Box and the map layout it is yet another minor frustration that is building towards me deleting the game.
  • It's a pity that the scope of the survey is so limited. It would be nice to be able to record tge frustrations around the bugs in 'Tricksies Party' and that there is very little point in receiving or accumulating Stardust once the house and tree house are compete.
  • To be honest, once you've completed the house and tree house, star dust is pretty pointless. The only real use for it was to build these and obtain the boosters. At the higher chapters, almost every level is hard and you need booster spells to finish them or you will be playing them for days. As an example, in the current…
  • Irrelevant to me. What annoys the heck out if me is being compelled to play Candy Royale and having to scroll back through eleven and a half thousand levels to play early levels for season pass. Why can't there be a button to take you back to level one?
  • Tricksies party is back. So is the bug. Pointless playing unless King get their act together and address this bug which has been cited many times.
  • It's not 'new and improved. It's just new. And like the portrait mode format, it's made the game worse.
  • Still have the same tiresome glitch. Can't reallocate lost bubbles.
  • Once you have completed the house and the beanstalk, there's basically no point in collecting stardust. Yes, you can use it to activate the cats. Otherwise, it's useless. King should allow it to be used in exchange for boosters - which you need at the higher levels as they are ALL almost impossible without boosters.
  • Getting sick of the constant pop ups, the stupid portrait mode and Candy Royale grinds my gears.
  • Not happy with the developers at the moment. New portrait mode means scrolling back to play earlier levels takes ages from level 11,000+. The number of pop ups is ludicrous. I can see things in the events tab if I want to. Stop it. I am now being compelled to play Candy Royale as there's no way to get rid of the pop up.…
  • The new map is dreadful. Reinstate the old one and include a tab that takes you to level 1 so can play earlier levels without endless scrolling.
  • New map layout makes scrolling back to play earlier levels (currently from 10890) even more time consuming. Can there not be a tab installed to take you there directly? Also, the number of pop ups that interrupt your game play is getting ludicrous. I can see the event tab. If I want to look there, I will!
  • Same issue. User ID is 8245484303. Please resolve. Thanks

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