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Add a confirm button to use boosters

NownikiNowniki Posts: 10 Level 2
edited January 25 in The Friends Files
Every time I get a lollipop hammer, I waste it.  Either the position needs to change as many people hold their cell phone the same way that I do or you need to have us confirm that we want to use the boooster.  I have already lost 4 or 5 of these and it is irritating because it is an easy fix.
36 votes

Implemented · Last Updated

Great news! You were many to have asked for it. Our Studio made it happen! Please head here to give us your feedback: https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-friends-saga/discussion/276394/add-a-confirm-button-before-using-boosters-you-asked-for-it-the-studio-did-it


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