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Hello Friendly Crushers!

Looking for a Team? Here's THE place to find interesting, fun, friendly guilds which have some free spaces for a player like YOU!

If you are in a team, comment below and tell interested players about it! 👇️

  • What level are your members? Mostly newbies? Around level 1000? Or 2000? Even farther?
  • How many levels do you usually pass a week? 1-10, 10-50, 50-100...even more?
  • Do you have common interests?
  • Do you come from a specific area?
  • Do you share a fun and friendly motto?

Also if you would like to be "hired" by an existing guild , comment below and share something about yourself 👇️

  • What level are you in the game? Around level 1000? Or 2000? Even farther?
  • How many levels do you usually pass a week? 1-10, 10-50, 50-100...even more?
  • Where are you crushing from?
  • What would be your motto in the game?

Good luck- we hope you get make new friends! 

Just be creative and attract the best players to your Team!

HERE you can read our House Rules

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