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The Candy Friends and their Nen types

candycrushinitcandycrushinit Posts: 12,206 Game Expert
edited October 2020 in The Fun Area

Heellllloooo everyone!!

It's time for me to present.....The 6 Aura Types of Nen! Featuring our Candy Friends!

Most anime fans, especially Hunter x Hunter fans, probably know what nen is. If not, well, let me explain it to you!

Nen, is a kind of technique that allows a person to use and control their aura, or life energy. It is produced by all living beings vital for survival. It has a tendency to flow together, producing a mass of energy from all parts of the body. It would be fatal if a person loses all of their aura keeping them alive. You can read more about it here.

The 4 Major Principles of Nen

To fully control Nen, he/she must first understand the 4 major principles of the Shingen-Ryu school of kung fu. Everything else is based on the manipulations of one's aura flow. The 4 major principles are:

Ten - Focus your mind, reflect upon yourself, and determine your goal

Zetsu - Put it into words

Ren - Intensify your will

Hatsu - Put it into action, perform it

These techniques became the second thing to be learning Nen. Ten is the first thing for a beginner to learn and to maintain, since it can raise defense. Zetsu conceals one's presence, Ren can raise offense, and Hatsu can release aura.

Classifying Nen Types

There are 6 types of aura, everyone is born with one of the 6 types. He/she can set the way to apply the technique to what suits their personality, and that can develop a unique skill. Most people can determine one's aura through water divination. A leaf sits on the surface of water in a glass. Then a student will place his/her hands around the cup, applying Ren. The following results will determine one's aura type.

Enhancers are the ones that made the water overflow.

Transmuters are the ones that change the taste of the water.

Conjurers are the ones that created objects in the water.

Emitters are the ones that changes the color of the water.

Manipulators are the ones that made the leaf move.

Specialists are the ones that do something different from the other categories.

Have you known the so-called perverted clown named Hisoka? He claims that he can tell one's type by his/her personality.

According to Hisoka:

Enhancers are determined and simple. They never lie and hide anything. Their words and actions are taken over by their feelings and emotions and they are selfish and focused on their goals.

Transmuters are regarded weirdos and cheaters due to their unique attitudes. They are whimsical liars and rarely reveal their true intentions.

Conjurers are often on guard and rarely fall into traps. They are observant and they are able to analyze things calmly, which is the strength of all Conjurers.

Emitters are impatient and quick-tempered. They are similar to the Enhancers for their impulsivity but they tend to calm down and forget easier.

Manipulators are logical and they are argumentative. They tend to keep families and loved ones safe. They do not listen to what others have to say when it comes to pursuing their own goals.

Specialists are independent and full of charisma. They will tell the important things on them and they refrain from being close friends. They are always surrounded by people due to their natural charisma.

And so, I present to you.....The Candy Friends and their Nen types!

Each friend is sorted by their appearance and personality as listed above. Yeti, Red Rabbit, and Dachs count as Enhancers, Bubblegum Troll as a Transmuter, Odus and Misty as Conjurers, Tiffi as a Specialist, Nutcracker and Olivia as Manipulators, and Rachel and Jelly Queen as Emitters.

So, what do you think? Does their nen type show accuracy to their personality? If you had ONE nen type, what would it be and why?

A young soul with a passion for Candy Crush. May all sweet things be with you in life. 🍭

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~The Candy Friends and their Nen types: Check here!~
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