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🍩 FRIENDS' BATTLE ROYALE 2021 💗 Patch Notes: March 8th, 2021 💌

MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 15,582 Legend

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Hello Crushers! 👋

It's time to make the event schedule ends faster than you think!

Did you know that the event should ends on May 2nd but for now with the new changes, the event will end on April 18th instead!

What's the changes?

  • The Royalty Rounds:

The first concept of Royalty Rounds are there will be each 3 round has 3 costumes, now There will be 2 rounds and 10 costumes **Each round has 5 of favorite costumes that you picked from the previous rounds including other released costumes, Olivia the Witch & Spa Day Yeti (I'm giving this costume a second chance because it's still a new Yeti costume** and each every round there will be just one winner and only 2 costumes will be ready for the finals... 💝

  • The Finals:

Just two will reached to the big Final and then we will wait for whoever takes the title of the most favorite Candy Crush Friends costume of 2021! 👊

  • Few changes with the schedule of the event... Check it out HERE!

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See you in battle... 💞


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