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🍫 What’s the Hazelnut Crunch Event about? 🌰

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 7,559 Community Manager
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Hello sweet Friends!

Have you seen the Hazelnut Crunch Event pop up in your game and need more information about what it is and what you can win? This is the right place for that!

If you’re not that high- don’t worry! You still have the Hazelnut Crunch event!

🌰 What’s the Hazelnut Crunch?

Hazelnut Crunch is a new type of blocker discovered in the chocolate mousse clouds high above the Candy Kingdom. All blockers of the same set are connected, even if they're not next to each other on the board. Which means that if you break one blocker of the set, all other blockers in the same set receive damage!

🍫That sounds tasty! Where can I find the Hazelnut Crunch?

You can find it in your game from level 2940 on!
If you’re not that high- don’t worry! You still have the Hazelnut Crunch event!

It’s a 10 levels event featuring this delicious blocker, and with some divine rewards waiting for you at the end of the rainbow trail! 

So hurry up- Fly to Chocolate Heaven, go nuts and munch away at Hazelnut Crunch levels! Want more? Post a screenshot of the event HERE for a chance to win 30 Gold Bars!

And remember: we rely on YOU to make the event sweeter next time- so give us your feedback here below, please 😊

Click ➡️ HERE  ⬅️ and go back to your own Candy Friends game to play the event!

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