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🤗 Feedback on friends in the scrapbook 📕 - Here: Tiffi 😘

DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 15,243 Friends Moderator
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Hello sweet Crushers! Give me your feedback on Tiffi!

Tiffi is my first girlfriend in the scrapbook. I often underestimated her because I thought she was a weak friend - until the Weekend Challenge, when we were supposed to complete levels with Tiffi. I did it and was amazed at how helpful Tiffi can be. In the past, I almost never chose her as a friend.

For Tiffi we collect 10 red candies and she gives us three fish on the board.

What do you think about Tiffi?

👉️ What Tiffis do you have in your scrapbook? Please list them, gladly with screenshot.

👉️ Do you like to play with Tiffi or do you prefer to choose another friend?

👉️ Do the fish of Tiffi help you and do the fish do their job? 

👉️ In which levels is Tiffi particularly helpful? Where couldn't Tiffi help you at all?

👉️ What do you wish for Tiffi? Would you like to collect more costumes or should she get stronger powers?

👌 Any feedback on Tiffi is welcome.

We want to make the game sweeter overall. Keep in mind that your feedback on Tiffi can also help other players better understand Tiffi and her actions in the game. Surely the studio will also find hints to perhaps repeat events with Tiffi or to create new ones.



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