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πŸ“• Friends in the Scapbook πŸ“•

DieOmimi Posts: 24,923 Friends Moderator
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🌟 Hi friendly Crushers!

I need your help! Especially from players who have been playing Candy Crush Friends Saga for a while and already have many friends and costumes in their scrapbook.Β 

I've seen most of my friends and costumes so far at @La Ley and @Terri_1.Β 

The goal of my discussion will be to make a compilation of all friends and their costumes.

For each friend and his costumes there will be a thread to make it clearer.Β 

The idea came @quad5. Thank you very much for that.

Here we go:

- Tiffi (here)

- Yeti (here)

- Nutcracker (here)

- Misty (here)

- Odus (here)

- Red Rabbit (here)

- Dachs (here)

- Olivia (here)

- Bubblegum Troll (here)

- Rachel (here)

- Jelly Queen (here)


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