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Get Olivia or not

sawasdeesawasdee Posts: 53 Level 2

If all stars are collected will get Olivia or just Costume. Or both.



  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,909 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to our beautiful community

    The best thing to do is play it to the end and see it. because I don't know and still have a few levels ahead of me.

    Hello, for the newbies I hereby warmly welcome to this community Would like to welcome. Here is a link that will help you further !!! Explore and discover the community, take part in the competitions and post diligently in the different areas. But please stay with the topic, otherwise there could be difficulties. Please also follow the rules in English to post. Then get on your way and I wish you a lot of fun here. We are always happy to answer any questions. Good luck

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  • sawasdeesawasdee Posts: 53 Level 2

    I got sticker100/500,😭😭😭😱😱😱😵😵😵😭😭😭

  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

    Hey @sawasdee .

    Welcome to our sweet community. In order to get Olivia, you need to complete her 10 special levels from her side map.

    After, the star chaser even will appear and you have to collect 30 stars (if I remember right), in order to collect her.

    You actually collect Olivia cause Olivia doesn't have any costumes yet.

    And oh boy, you have and that special event with Misty's new outfit.

    I noticed that @gr33n3y3z has it too!~ You are so lucky!~

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 6,692 Soda Moderator

    @Sofia1992 the event this time is different and if it should be as you say then something went wrong with the event. I completed the 10 levels for Olivia and 45 stars for Misty costume but I didn't get enough stickers for Olivia to unlock the character nor enough stickers for Misty to get the costume. I got 100/500 Misty stickers after completing starchaser like in the screenshot above and then the event banners and all the collected stickers of the event disappeared from map and scrapbook, as if I never played the event in the first place. No Olivia or Misty costume. Is this like sunny tales at this point? will there be another challenge next week?

    I play on android mobile

    @BarbaraYager had a similar experience on w10, she didn't get Misty, I'm not sure if she was able to get Olivia

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 12,561 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @Sofia1992 @Pitty_Kitty, I already have Olivia in my scrapbook but I got Olivia’s map which I had to do and then I had Misty starchaser, 45 stars, to get and then I also got only 100 stickers 😔 Then nothing, no other event to get those other stickers 🤷🏼‍♀️ We’ll have to wait and see 😉

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 6,692 Soda Moderator
    edited September 2020

    @Nat09 Well at least you still have Misty stickers on your scrapbook. It's something. 👍🏻I don't have anything even though I won both challenges with some efforts 😪. troubleshooting didn't help. Let's hope this is a glitch that will resolve by itself and another challenge will come.

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 12,561 Pro Player 👑

    I’m sure we’ll get some explanation tomorrow @Pitty_Kitty 🤞🏻

  • BarbaraYagerBarbaraYager Posts: 41 Level 2
    edited September 2020

    @Sofia1992  @Nat09 @sawasdee .

    My ID: 6397369196

    My Device Pc Windows 10

    i already have oliva in my scrapbook, i did the olivias oclove event anyways got boosters. then mistys spotlight event popped up. collected 45 stars. then when i checked my scrapbook there was an icon under to be collected. was a costume for misty called. Misty The Movie Star. i collected 200 stickers. total stickers to collect 500. then when i played 1 regular classic level . next thing i know the misty icon from my scrapbook dissapeared. i took screenshots of everything for proof. i will post them here.

    Look At My Screenshots 4 what happened Yesterday Evenning.

    P.s. I Know Her Costume Was Epic cause it says soo. which i got screenshot of that too.

    As U Can See I Took Screenshots For Proof Of What Happened To Me Yesterday.

    I Hope This Gets Straightened Out. Cause i Would Like To Add That Costume To My Scapbook, Like 100% Added To It.

  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5

    Hello everyone.

    Thank you so much for posting screenshots and feedbacks about Misty's New Event.

    Also, have no fear cause I will tag @QueenMia so her and her team to give us some more explanations about what happened in this event.

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 12,981 Community Manager
    edited September 2020

    Hello dear Friends 🤗

    Misty got too excited and showed up a little too early... She took Olivia's place and we had to send her back home (that's why it disappeared from your game). But don't worry, she'll be back very soon again though - And those of you who collected stickers won't lose them 😉

    So for now let's enjoy crushing candies with Olivia 🐙 Happy playing everyone, don't forget to have fun 🍒

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