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Help I'm stuck xd - level 263

Snowynxx Posts: 31 Level 2
edited November 2020 in Discussions

Am i posting this in the right category? Please tell me because I don't know if i should post this at Support or Discussion :'-)

Anyway, im stuck on this levels please help me I've been trying for 6-7 times already and still can't get pass this levels 🙏😭

im so bad at this game lol

Oh and the one with yeti is from the Candyversary event


  • Werner_Cichy
    Werner_Cichy Posts: 29,085 Crushing Legend


    Welcome in the Community !

    You played it 6-7 times.

    I played 3000 levels in 6 months.

    Many of them 30-50 times.

    Just keep trying.

    Try to get start boosters, accumulate boosters with daily bonuses. Do not use these boosters right away. Only at the right moment.

    Try to play the other characters too.

  • MysticalMisty2
    MysticalMisty2 Posts: 324 Level 3

    Oh hi! Welcome to the community, I got stuck on level 1 on candyversery too, since I used Misty to help me pass that level and you don't have her ;use your best character. I am now on level 4 on candyversery! Just keep on trying okay? Try to earn Misty before playing level 1. Also, please tell the level numbers so game experts can help you. Hope this will help @Snowynxx ! Did this answer your question yes or no?

  • Snowynxx
    Snowynxx Posts: 31 Level 2
    edited November 2020


    @MysticalMisty2 and @Werner_Cichy thank you for the tips I'll follow it :) 👌


    Update about the Candyversary i beat all of the levels! FINALLY!! Level 3 and 5 are my favourite it's so satisfying and fun! 💜❤️ i swear my heart beating so fast while playing it 😂 Since I don't have Misty i use Yeti instead from level 1 till 5 (i don't have the screenshot sadly the event has gone after i collected my rewards the new event now is Dunk The Cookies Challenge ;-;)

    Haha I'm still stuck at Super Hard Level (lvl 263) I usually ask my mom to beat the level for me when I'm stuck because she's pretty expert at this haha (whoops i meant lvl 2300 not 3000 😅) but I don't want to bother her so i want to beat it myself. But I'll keep trying until I beat it. 👊😉✨

  • MysticalMisty2
    MysticalMisty2 Posts: 324 Level 3

    Hi @Snowynxx ! Glad you beat all levels I already passed level 263, I will send you message later

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