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Bug in Candy Crush Friends Saga

nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 814 Level 3

I think I have found a repeatable bug in CCFS. It seems to happen only when using Dach’s with the Caterpillar costume. It seems to happen right after using a regular candy hammer when I am trying to get a color bomb and coloring candy next to each other. Several times now, right after using the hammer to align those candies, the screen becomes unresponsive to any moves. The screen is not frozen as I can touch the Dach’s character in the lower left corner and he does his little dance, but no more moves are possible. The only way out is to force quit the app and lose my board clearing setup! Very disappointing, especially since I lost three hammers the last time this happened.

It only seems to happen with the Dach’s Caterpillar and only after using a hammer. I hope you can find this bug, and I hope my description was detailed enough for you to repeat the issue. The level type was a Dunk the Cookies the last time this happened, Level 1542.

Thanks for looking into this problem.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 868 Level 5

    👋 Hi my friend @nnarkis!

    Wow, I hadn't noticed that! I'm going to check in my game and let you know if I have the bug.

    In the meantime, I will also pass this on to our CM so she can shared the useful info you provided with the Studio.

    Would you mind letting me know below what device you play on, if you are logging in to your game with your FB account or your King account and your Game ID?

    Thanks teammate! 🤗

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  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 814 Level 3

    Hi @Miss_Dani

    I play on an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14.4.2 and login using a King login.

    My game ID is:

    Text ID: 9229886953

    On more interesting thing I noticed is that I tried the level again and it just happened that two coloring candies were right next to each other and the screen was unresponsive again right away without even using a hammer. So maybe the issue actually caused by a coloring candy being adjacent to either a color bomb or another coloring candy whether or not it happens because I used a hammer or because they started out that way. Still only seems to happen with Dach’s caterpillar.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 868 Level 5

    Thanks @nnarkis, loved the detailed info! 🙌 I will add this to my report to CM & will get back to you as soon as I hear anything.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 814 Level 3

    Another data point for this one @Miss_Dani.

    Apparently, what I described is not totally repeatable. I just played Level 1555 using Dach’s as a caterpillar and was able to smash a candy with a hammer to line up a color bomb and coloring candy, but this time it worked! The only thing that was different this time was that the candy I smashed was NOT right next to either the color bomb or coloring candy, whereas the times with the bug, I smashed a candy right below the color bomb or coloring candy. This issue has happened at least 4 times in the past, so there is something happening. Maybe when smashing a candy directly below a color bomb, something with the board status doesn’t get updated internally properly. (I guess my software programming background is coming out here!)

    Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know if and when this happens again.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 814 Level 3

    Hi @Miss_Dani

    Another data point regarding my problem with the screen becoming unresponsive. It happened again, but this time I never even made a move!

    It’s always Dach’s as a caterpillar, it never happens with any other characters.

    The screen is not frozen, the move hint candies are pulsing like usual and I can tickle Dach’s and he responds. I can also touch the gear in the lower right and the menu appears. I just can’t do any moves to switch candies on the board. It’s like when you are waiting for your character to add boosters or whatever help the characters is going to do, you can’t make any moves on the board. It’s almost as if the board is waiting for a flag that the character is done, but the character never does anything so the board ends up in a wait state.

    Maybe you can pass this on to the developers or programmers and it might tell them something.

    The only way to get out of this situation is to force quit the app and relaunch it.

    Here is a screenshot of the non-responsive board. I never even made a single move or used any lollipops.

    The move hint candies that are pulsing are the red wrapped candy and color bomb next to it.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 814 Level 3

    Hi @Miss_Dani,

    It just happened again, same level and I never even made one move. I think I’m going to have to not use Dach’s as a caterpillar anymore.

    I’m going to restart my iPhone and see if that helps, otherwise I’m going to choose a different character.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 814 Level 3

    I restarted my iPhone @Miss_Dani and the Dach’s as a caterpillar on level 1601 worked this time. I don’t know if something is getting messed up on my iPhone if I don’t restart it for a while, but the interesting thing is that the problem only occurs with that one character.

  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 153 Level 3
    edited April 19

    @Miss_Dani and @nnarkis

    Wow.. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. I thought it was just my phone.

    This happened to me before a few months ago, and again yesterday. The levels were also with Dachs’ caterpillar costume. My screen was frozen after I received either a color candy or candy bomb (after watching an ad) so I had to close it. I tried it couple times, but the same thing happened. Finally, I chose a different character and it was fine.

    The weird things is, it’s only on a certain level because I have been using Dachs’ caterpillar costume on the cookies levels all this time and it has been working fine.

  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 153 Level 3

    One more thing, I remember it only happened when I got 2 color candies next to each other, or one color candy next to one color bomb with Dachs’ Caterpillar costume.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 814 Level 3

    Thanks for shedding a little more light on this problem @DGenevieve. It’s good to know I’m not the only one. It’s also enlightening that you noticed it has something to do with color bombs and/or coloring candies and their proximity, but only on Dach’s as a caterpillar levels. I noticed exactly the same things.

    Let’s hope the expert developers at King can figure out why this happens. I would be very curious to know exactly why this occurs.

  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 153 Level 3

    Yes, @nnarkis, hopefully this problem will be figured out soon.👍

  • Tweetybell86Tweetybell86 Posts: 12 Level 2

    hi, i play on my computer, u know how we now have the choice to join or create a team? each time i click on either button(theres 1 w/wat looks like a fox on it &theres 1 beside the store button-that looks like a shield) for that option, w/in bout 5 min after clicking on it-it shuts the game down(closes it)! EVERY time i click it! any1 else have this issue?

  • DGenevieveDGenevieve Posts: 153 Level 3
  • Tweetybell86Tweetybell86 Posts: 12 Level 2

    ty DGenevieve, wow all the way from april 5th, yeah..... apparently there still working on it! ok, me patience then, ty!

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