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DaniTheOG: "Here is my advice: Play fair, happy & hard"

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Hello Friends!

She's our first Friend of the Month, always fun and passionate and witty and friendly...it's @DaniTheOG ! Wanna know a bit more about her? Put on your reading glasses and let's go!

What is your favorite memory you have here in the Friends community?

I have soooo many good memories from my time around here. I could list quite a few but that would leave us with a long roster of tags & a whole lot of reading so just let me point out one of the most recent ones. After my 'tenure' 😁 as '@Miss_Dani the Mod in flames', I was feeling a little super down and I even strongly considered leaving the Community for ever. However, it looks like some many of you had other plans for me. The amount of PMs, texts, calls & emails I received from you, filled with love, compassion & care, warmed my heart (yeah, and no shame in saying that they also made me shed some tears). ❣️ I will forever be grateful to each & every one of you who lifted me up when I was down & who encouraged me to stay around. Like I always say, I couldn't have done this past year without y'all.

How long have you been playing CCFS? And what do you like/dislike about the game?

I have been playing Friends since early 2020 (what a year to forget that one, huh?!). Our dear @Nat09 encouraged me to try the game & well, let's say, now I'm hooked. I love the art & graphics in the game & I'm specially obsessed with new costumes and, of course, dear old Bubblegum Troll. 🙃 My favorite thing in the game is the Teams feature as it has allowed me to move forward in the game as well as to meet some really fabulous people.

What do you like about the Friends community? Would you change anything?

I could very easily say that I like everything about the Friends Community... but then it wouldn't be me who's writing, right?! 😅 Nah, for real, there are sooo many things I love around here! There is @gr33n3y3z 'spicy' answers to 'randomness' 😉, or the 'foreigners', like @Nix66 or @headoperations, who have made Friends a must visit spot in the Community, also @DGenevieve , @Pitty_Kitty & @ipete's hilarious posts, @Werner_Cichy's & @rajdeeptb 's superb prowess or when newcomers, like @nnarkis , @CassD or @Cats4Caz become household names... and even @me6412 's stormy visits to the area! 🙌 The best thing for me is that, whenever I feel down or bored, I stop around here & everything becomes a little bit better. ... What I would change, you ask? Well, let's just say that if adding changes something... I'd add an extra seat in the Friends Mod 'office' 🙃 ... but that just a figment of the past now so move on we must. 😎 On the more possible side of things, I I'd like to see more of @Freddy_ , @Spieler_8675309 & @Boybinary around these pastures.

Do you have any advice to fellow Crushers, trying to achieve Friends Of The Month?

Advice? Me!? Are you sure you want me to answer this question?! ... Oh well, here is my advice. Play fair, happy & hard. Enjoy it even harder 'cause one never knows how long it is going to last. 😋 And help others, not just in the Support Section but everywhere you see someone needing 'help'... Sometimes the kind stroke of a pencil keyboard 😊 with a gentle word might change somebody's day. And, above all, have fun while you do so (there's already too much going on in the world for any of us to be a Debbie Downer!).

Would you like to share anything else with our friends?

Yes, of course, 'cause sharing is caring! 🤣 Thanks everyone for voting for me & for always being so kind with this old Community dwag! 🍭 I can't wait to see what's coming for all of us as we keep surfing this place we have all grown to love. And, as always, may the best of your today's be the worst of your tomorrows. 🍭 You all rock disco balls!

Thanks, Dani! And for the rest: if you want to congratulate our Friend of the Month, just go ahead and do it here below! 👇️



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