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Do you have recorded data for strategies in CCFS?

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

I prefer objective data for evaluating how good or bad CCFS game strategies work in practice!

One strategy is to backtrack to a multi-screen level with only 4 colors of candies to complete a Daily Quest to match over 1,000 candies of a specific color:

To match 1200 Blue Candies, I backtracked to 3-screen Level 4390 and used Misty and Odus to match 1,098 Blue Candies with 9 lives, so I matched an average of 122 Blue Candies per life.

To match 1400 Yellow Candies, my partner backtracked to 3-screen Level 4410 and used Toll, Yeti, and Rachel to match 1,349 Yellow Candies with 7 lives, so she matched an average of 193 Yellow Candies per life.

We started doing this strategy because with the typical single-screen level with 5 colors of candies, we found that we matched far less than 100 candies of a specific color per life, on the average.

A second strategy involves when to use Gold Bars to buy extra moves at the end of normal play at a specific level. Level 3963 was particularly difficult for me, so I kept track of how many moves I was offered for 10 Gold Bars at the end of each game. I never actually used the Gold Bars to purchase those extra moves, but I was surprised to that after my 12th loss I was offered an extra “+3” moves for the Gold Bars, after the 13th loss I was offered “+6” extra moves for the Gold Bars, after the 14th loss I was offered “+9” extra moves, after the 15th loss I was offered “+10” extra moves, but then it seemed to max out because on the 16th loss I was also offered “+10” extra moves for the Gold Bars. This data collection stopped because I finally won Level 3963 on the 17th try and advanced to the next level. Has anyone else experienced these escalating offers of extra moves for your Gold Bars? If so, one strategy is to play a difficult level at least 15 times in order to get the maximum of extra moves “+10” for your Gold Bars!

Happy Crushing, folks!


  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    A more fun way to demonstrate the effects of a strategy in CCFS is to post a screen shot of it! So my strategy for making Color Bombs is to backtrack to a level that has only 4 candy colors and as large as possible of an open, unobstructed working space in the playing grid so that you can manipulate the candies and make the Color Bombs. One such level is Level 4410, which is a 3-screen , 4-candy-color level where the first screen is relatively large and open. Using Yeti, I was able to create 3 Color Bombs on the screen at the same time:

    Another Color Bomb was created in the remaining moves of the game, for a total of 4 for that life. I may be able to create more Color Bombs using Rachel because she duplicates 4 of each thing, but I have not tried that yet.

    if anyone has a screenshot of 4 or more Color Bombs on the playing grid, I’d love to see it!

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 20,936 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome

    Congratulations that you've come this far. I've only made half of you.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    To use Rachel to create Color Bombs or Coloring Candies in CCFS, you should trigger Rachel to make her Rainbow Candy, and then look up, down, left, and right from that Rainbow Candy to see if you can make a row of 6 candies of the same color. For example, on Level 4210, I triggered Rachel and she threw her Rainbow Candy in the middle of the first screen of that level:

    Since there was also a Green Candy on the side of that row of 6 Green Candies, this produced a Green Coloring Candy instead of a Color Bomb:

    Carefully matching more green candies without setting off the Coloring Candy or destroying the remaining octopuses on this screen, I triggered Rachel into throwing another Rainbow Candy, and she obligingly threw it beside the original Green Coloring Candy:

    Now by simply moving the Green Coloring Candy over onto the Rainbow Candy, the Green Coloring Candy was duplicated 4 times! I took a screenshot just as those 4 Green Coloring Candies where starting to explode!

    So a total of 5 Coloring Candies were created by carefully using Rachel in a 4-color level of CCFS that had a reasonably open working space on the first screen to manipulate the candy patterns and use Rachel efficiently. Anyone have a screenshot of more than 4 Coloring Candies on the same screen?


    @Grumpy_Old_Man This is an example of using lives at certain levels of CCFS to create special things like Coloring Candies that could be useful in completing some Team Tasks in Dachs Delivery Service. It is the type of thing I would try to do for Uncle Bob’s DDS team.

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 792 Level 3

    I do not go back to previous levels. I do not get the point of it.

    Any task (individual or team) can be completed by moving forward in the game. But playing this way is more interesting than replaying the same level many times.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    @ElenaVorona Playing straight forward and never backtracking is certainly one strategy for completing Daily Quests, but I am presenting the “backtracking” option for people who may be blocked at a certain level and cannot satisfy their Daily Quests to get the Friendly Fish, Friendly Charge, and Friendly Coloring Candy boosters to help them solve that level. I have been blocked at the same CCFS level in that way for several days (maybe as long as a week), and found that backtracking to solve Daily Quests efficiently to get the boosters and then re-trying the level I was blocked at, was an efficiency way to once again make progress. So I present that “backtracking “ strategy for other players who may be blocked and wish to try it.

    However, I disagree that “Any task can be completed by moving forward in the game.”, because some of us are at the very LAST Candy Crush Friends Saga level or the “end of the road” (Level 4440 in IOS as of June 30). We CANNOT move forward to satisfy either Daily Quests or DDS Team Tasks. For example, Last week the “end of the road” was Level 4420 and I was stuck there from last Saturday June 26th to yesterday June 29th. I could complete 3 of my team’s DDS tasks by repeating Level 4420, but not satisfy the other 3 Team Tasks. I also could not satisfy any of my Daily quests that required either a specific helper or a specific candy color that was not available at level 4420, and thus had to backtrack to complete those. So some of us are in very different situations in the game and must use different strategies to cope with our different situations. Good luck to you using your strategy to progress in the game!

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 792 Level 3

    I agree with you when you talk about playing at maximum levels.

    I faced the same problem when I reached the maximum levels in CCSS.

    But I meant something else. You wrote in several topics that you replay the levels many times in order to advance the team in the "Delivery".

    When I said "Any task (individual or team) can be completed by moving forward in the game", I meant the Delivery games (together with the team) and daily individual tasks.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3
    edited July 15

    One key part of CCFS strategy is exactly how to use Color Bombs and Coloring Candies.

    I think the weakest use of a CB or CC is to simply combine it with a plain “target” candy beside it. CBs will simply destroy all candies of that color, while CCs will simply change all candies of that color with the color of the CC.

    A stronger use of a CB or CC is to combine with a Fish, Striped, or Wrapped candy. The CB converts all candies of that color into being a Fish, Striped, or Wrapped candy and then sets them off. The CC converts all candies of the target candy color AND all candies of the CC color into being a Fish, Striped, or Wrapped candy and sets all of them off. (That is fun to watch and can be very destructive, which is what you want.)

    But how about combining Color Bombs and Coloring Candies with each other? According to data we have gathered so far, the effects we see are:

    Color Bomb + Color Bomb = 1 level of destruction.

    Color Bomb + Coloring Candy = 2-3 levels of destruction

    Coloring Candy + Coloring Candy = 4 levels of destruction centered on the free areas of the grid where the changes in candy colors occur. The destruction will typically spread out from those areas.

    This example was combining a Blue with a Purple Coloring Candy on Level 4416:

    The blast was spectacular:

    At the end of the blast, the Level 4416 looked like:

    The caramel cup directly exposed to the free areas of the grid where the candy color changes occurred has had 4 levels of destruction, which completely eliminated it. BUT, the caramel cup at the very bottom of the group of caramel cups was protected from the effects of all that destruction by all the caramel cups around it, and did not suffer even 1 level of destruction!

    The conclusion is that while combining Color Bombs and Coloring Candies does create a very widespread destruction, the destruction is centered around the unblocked candies that will be changing color, and blockers that are protected from that destruction by other blockers may remain in place and still have to be dealt with later.

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 792 Level 3

    There are no waves.

    Combinations 1 and 2 to the same depth clear layers throughout the entire field of play.

    The third combination (Coloring Candy + Coloring Candy).

    One Coloring Candy colors the other in its own color, and the other colors other candies on the field. And it turns out that at this moment one color on the field dominates very powerfully, combinations of this color very quickly add up, work, and immediately other combinations, etc.

    This happens very quickly. And often we just do not have time to notice all the combinations.

    Therefore, in this case, which you showed in the screenshots, it was the upper blockers that received more defeat than the lower ones.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    To collect data on the “combine Color Bomb + Color Bomb “ strategy, I took screenshot just before and just after combining a Color Bomb with an adjacent Color Bomb:



    The best cells for judging the CB+CB effects are the isolated cells in the central column as they have no direct connection to the cells on either side. Those cells are covered in bubble-gum, so you have to see how much damage there was to the bubble-gum on each of those 8 cells. For 7 out of 8 of those cells, there was exactly 1 level of damage, so that seems to be the direct effect of the CB+CB combination.

    I think,that the Color Bomb + Coloring Candy combination gives exactly 2 levels of destruction across the playing grid, but I need to collect or find data on that hypothesis.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Our “Uncle Bob” team of 20 completed 10 Dachs Delivery Service “deliveries” from July 16-25 , which was unusually high. The team members increased their levels in CCFS from a total of 33,866 to 35,071, for a gain of 1,205 levels, or an average of about 60 levels increase per team member.

    For the previous DDS session from June 18-28, we completed 4 or 5 deliveries, and our team of 19 increased CCFS levels by a total of 437 levels, or an average of about 23 levels increase per team member.

    Clearly having team members collectively advancing more levels may result in completing more of the Team Tasks and thus result in more completed DDS deliveries. Conversely, completing more DDS deliveries will result in more of the 30-minute “Friendly Charge” and “Friendly Coloring Candy” boosters being distributed to all team members as well as an increased number of Lollipop Hammers, both of which may have assisted team members in advancing more CCFS levels.

    So although causation may go in both directions, the correlation of the increased success in the DDS tasks and the increased progress of team members through Candy Crush Friends Saga levels is quite strong.

  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    General strategy for what to do first at the BEGINNING and MIDDLE of the game is to CHOOSE THE MOVE THAT CAUSES THE MOST TOTAL DESTRUCTION ON THE PLAYING GRID. 

    If you have a Color Bomb or Coloring Candy try to combine it with:

    1. another CB or CC
    2. a Wrapped Candy 
    3. a Striped Candy 
    4. a Fish
    5. if none of those are next to the CB or CC, see if you can create a Wrapped/Striped/Fish candy and then drop it down next to the CB/CC, or drop the CB/CC down next to the Wrapped/Striped/Fish candy.

    If no CB or CC can be made, then try to make Wrapped/Striped/Fish candies and combine them for the most destructive power.

    1. Wrapped +Wrapped-> large area blast with two levels of destruction.
    2. Wrapped + Striped -> a one-level blast shaped like a “+” sign that is 3 rows deep and 3 columns across, so pretty widespread.
    3. Striped + Striped-> a one-level blast shaped like a “+” sign, but only 1 row across and 1 column top to bottom.
    4. Fish + Wrapped-> the fish just moves the 3x3 square double blast zone of the wrapped candy to a better location.
    5. Fish + Striped -> the fish moves the 1 column OR 1 row of blast of the striped candy to a better location.
    6. Fish + Fish -> just creates 3 fish that wander around and will cause 1 level of destruction to 1 square each.

    But at the END of the game (last 10 moves), look very carefully on exactly what do you have to do to finish the game successfully. Ignore the “recommended move” and focus very hard on finding the exact moves that will complete the remaining task and successfully solve that level. Those may be very simple moves like just combining 3 candies of the same color, or making more powerful combinations, but take your time and decide how best to complete that particular Level with the moves you have available.

  • UncleBob2UncleBob2 Posts: 53 Level 2

    I corrected an error in the data reported above and have additional data on the effect of a Dachs Delivery Service session on the progress of the “Uncle Bob” DDS team members across new levels:

    June 28-July 16 non-DDS “Rest Period”: Team members progressed 480 levels

    July 16-25 DDS session: Completed 10 Deliveries and 20 team members progressed 705 levels.

    July 25-August 10 non-DDS “Rest Period”: Team members progressed 536 levels.

    August 10-19 DDS session: Completed 11 Deliveries and 19 team members progressed 621 levels.

    August 19-27 non-DDS “Rest Period”: Team members progressed 351 levels.

    August 27-Sept 5 DDS session: Completed 12 deliveries and 20 team members progressed 835 levels

    To summarize: For three DDS sessions, out team members progressed a total of 2,161 levels, but during the roughly equivalent “Rest Periods” where no DDS was occurring, the team members progressed only 1,367 levels. I conclude that the DDS sessions either motivate the team members to progress in CCFS levels or facilitate the progress of the team members with the 30-minute boosters and additional Lollipop Hammers, or most likely a combination of both these factors. In any case Dachs Delivery Service does seem to facilitate CCFS progress in levels. Cheers!

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