I've been offered to skip levels...but the screen just keeps crashing when I press 'Yes'?

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IveI been offered the opportunity to skip levels by Mr Toffee, however, the screen that says to press 'Yes, please let me skip to level...' just comes up with a red exclamation mark and then says 'oops, something's gone wrong! ItsIfreezing my game! The screen also says it's a one off offer so I don't want to reboot and lose the opportunity 🤗 Any advice or guidance will be greatly appreciated x

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  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,150 Superstar
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    Hi @Aitch, this is the 'Fast Forward feature' which is currently being tested in some players accounts.  
    It sounds like you have a glitch in yours!  
    You may just have to reload the game and hope it's still there :(

    Note that at the moment if you chose this option you will miss out on the outfits and free boosters etc that you could gain in those levels anyway (they are working on resolving this) so my suggestion is to just play the levels anyway ;) 
    They are easy ones too, being at the start of the game. 
    Too many games, not enough time!


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