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I changed my phone and I signed to my account I got back my progress but I didn't get back my items


  • derhemderhem Posts: 5 Newbie

    I want my items I had so many times for all

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,909 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome

    Nice that it worked, that you were able to register again. Unfortunately, boosters and lives cannot be transferred to another device. You can find this in the help center. If you are in the game under cogwheel - question mark = help center. Or also here on the page. I hope it helps you. If you bought booster, we can help you.

    Please let me know. thank you

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 3,723 Friends Moderator
    edited December 2021

    Hello @derhem and WELCOME to our Friendtastic community.

    Whether you play your game on King.com or through Facebook, your game progress and Gold Bars will be the same wherever you play. However, boosters, extra lives and special events are always stored locally on the device on which you received them. Consequently, they won't move across devices and they are typically different on different devices. If you still have your old device and it is operable, you may be able to use your stored boosters on new levels.

    I know how frustrating it is to lose those hard-earned boosters! Unfortunately, there is no way to move them from one device to a different device.

    I encourage you to explore other areas of this forum. There are many contests that offer opportunities to win gold bars for your game and special badges. We hope you will join us in the fun.

  • derhemderhem Posts: 5 Newbie

    Unfortunately I hoped you will help me getting back my items but I realize now this game is stupid you can't get me back my items and I spend so much time and offered to get it what is this

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 3,723 Friends Moderator
    edited December 2021

    Hi again @derhem,

    I am sorry that we were not able to get your boosters from your old device. It is the way the game is designed for local storage of most items, except gold bars and scrapbook stickers. Despite your disappointment, I hope you will continue to play Candy Crush Friends Saga and join in the contests in this Community to win more items.

  • derhemderhem Posts: 5 Newbie

    I'm going to delete this game because of this issue what's this game can't give me back my boosters.

    I'm playing this game since 3 years and now you make me deleting this game

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 20,176 Friends Moderator

    @derhem it's a shame and sad if you want to delete this game. How about using the boosters on your old device and collecting them on the new device at the same time. At the moment the Dachs delivery service is still running. You can get the boosters on the new device and save them there. You can also play your quests on the new device to get boosters. 

    I did it that way for a transitional period and now continue playing on my new device. I consume the boosters on the old device in parallel. I just love this game so I wouldn't delete it.

    Have a nice time and come well into the new year.

  • La LeyLa Ley Posts: 1,491 Level 5

    @derhem Try contacting customer support sometimes they are able to help...good luck 🙏

  • derhemderhem Posts: 5 Newbie

    Hello DieOmimi

    If what you said is correct and I will get back my boosters in my new phone I will love this game and I will continue playing ... How will I known if I got it back ?

    You said Dache delivery service is running right how much time it will take ....

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 20,176 Friends Moderator
    edited January 15

    Hi @derhem, my suggestion was that at Dachs Delivery Service you use your boosters on the old device to do tasks for Dachs. When you have finished a delivery as a team, you pick it up on the new device and save it on the new device without using it.

    Dachs Lieferseervice is currently back in my game. With you too? Do you have a good team and how many deliveries have you always completed? 

    It depends on the number of Dachs deliveries how many lollipops you get. Usually there are 2 lollipops of each variety for each delivery. 

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