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  • UncleBob2UncleBob2 Posts: 59 Level 2
    Yes, i think it's appropriate

    @MountainMom When you say “We have been assured that all levels can be won without boosters”, may I ask exactly who gave you that assurance? And based on what data?

    First, Watching some of the “solution videos “ for various CCFS levels posted on this website, I first note that they feature the combination of a Color Bomb and adjacent Coloring Candy, which is an EXTREMELY RARE occurrence. Secondly, the number of allowed moves has been reduced on some CCFS levels, making them far harder to solve without boosters. Thirdly, the number and depth of blockers has also been changed on some CCFS levels, so can your sources assure us that all current variations of a CCFS level can be solved without boosters?

    I agree that all the levels CAN be solved without boosters if one plays the level enough times that the very RARE events like “Color Bomb + Coloring Candy” will occur repeatedly in the allotted number of moves, but that may involve so many tries that the player gets discouraged and quits playing CCFS altogether. If I am correct, the Systems Operation folks at King should find a data pattern that repeated failures at one or more CCFS levels directly precedes the final cessation of playing data for many ex-players. If such a pattern is found for some ex-players, the Systems Operation folks may want to adjust the number of moves for that level upward, or adjust the “difficulty parameter” to “less-difficult” earlier in the sequence of tries for that level.

    I write this because the pattern I have seen on the CCFS levels for the 19 other players on my Dachs Delivery Service teem appears to show that the players who drop out will first get deadlocked or “stalled” for a period of time at the same CCFS level. But the Systems Operation folks would have the far more detailed records of the number of attempts by the player at that level each day, total time the player spent playing CCFS at that level, and so on, and thus they could could make a far more detailed analysis of the decision-to-stop-playing that occurs for so many ex-players.

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,909 Sweet Legend
    edited December 2021
    Yes, i think it's appropriate

    That’s what I’ve been told many times. Only then will you hang on to Levels for a long time and will not make progress. The games are designed so that you have to take the boosters. I often saw it in the game.

  • fabkefabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑
    edited December 2021
    Yes, i think it's appropriate

    @UncleBob2 @DieOmimi @MountainMom

    I can win mostly not without boosters and time boosters. Some levels in Friends are sometimes easy and others I have to do 10 times. But I'm not such a good player and used already money.

    I still don't know how to work with Rachel and BBGT.

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 3,747 Friends Moderator
    No, no, it doesn't have to be

    @UncleBob2, I agree with many of the points you made, especially that is helpful to pass some level when luck gives you combinations of special candies (the color bomb with the coloring candy is my favorite). The point I meant to get across is that a player does not need to use boosters from their inventory -- this is always a choice. I often collect boosters so that I have a healthy inventory during the Dachs Delivery events. Otherwise I may need to play a level many times to pass it. My frustration comes with the limitations of the send and receive lives function in CCFS.

    Thank you for your detailed explanation about your own experience.

  • UncleBob2UncleBob2 Posts: 59 Level 2
    Yes, i think it's appropriate

    @MountainMom I apologize for the curt and rude tone of my response, which was very unfair to you, although not its basic content. I have no excuse for the rudeness, although the literally days on end that I have spent locked at some levels may explain the emotions motivating the still unacceptable behavior in my part. I have been very tempted to cease playing CCFS on several of those exceedingly frustrating occasions, and can thus sympathize with players who encounter similar almost-impossible-to-win levels and finally do stop playing.

    @fabke I have simply never even considered paying money for any aspect of CCFS, although I cheerfully admit that I watch the ad videos after achieving Daily Quests in order to accumulate more lollipop hammers. I know King is selling my “eyes-on” access to those ads for money, but they are providing an entertaining game and deserve to get fair recompense. However, I refuse on principle to spend real money on any internet game.

    You say you have trouble using Rachel and Bubble Gum Troll, and so did I at first. For Rachel, take very careful note of exactly HOW you use her “rainbow squares” that duplicate things up to 4 times:

    1. Try NOT to use the rainbow squares unless you have 4 unblocked spaces on either side of that square, or directly on top of or below it, because that use has almost no effect.
    2. Be careful exactly HOW you combine the rainbow square with an adjacent candy! You will get a totally different result depending on whether you move the candy onto the Rainbow square or whether you move the rainbow square onto the candy. Practice that and see.
    3. When you have a candy on the left of RS and 4 unblocked spaces to the right of RS, move the candy on the left onto the RS and it will duplicate 4 copies of that candy to the right , which will result in a striped candy of that color. You can make a striped candy by doing that duplication into 4 unblocked spaces to the right, to the left, upwards, or downwards.
    4. When you have a rainbow square, carefully examine if you duplicate left, right, up, or down for 4 squares, that you already have a candy of a matching color in the 5th position, because when you duplicate 4 candies and have the 5th matching candy already there, you will make a color bomb! If you have a 5th matching candy already there PLUS a matching color candy that will be adjacent to the line o 5 candies you will produce, then you will make a coloring candy!
    5. The very BEST use of the rainbow square is when you can maneuver another special candy (fish, striped, wrapped, color bomb, coloring candy) to be directly left of it, directly right of it, directly above it, or directly below it. Because now if you have enough open spaces, when you move the special candy and the RS together, you produce 4 fish, striped candies, wrapped candies, or color bombs and IMMEDIATELY SET OFF ALL FOUR OF THEM! That’s fun!

    So find a CCFS level that has Rachel and a nice open playing grid, and then just spend some time carefully trying out these combinations using the rainbow square until you understand exactly how it can be used. Then make sure to stop and look for the possibilities when Rachel throws up a rainbow square in future games. Hope this helps! Do you want similar advice for BGT?


    Uncle Bob

  • HavishHavish Posts: 3,655 Level 5
    Yes, i think it's appropriate


  • gamepowergamepower Posts: 289 Level 3
    No, no, it doesn't have to be

    I voted ✔️

    Sometimes, you have to make an educated guess. It might work or it does not.

  • AkumaXXAkumaXX Posts: 286 Level 3
    I do not care

    That's the theory of "critical hammer". The best solution is to use as few hammers to clear hard levels, whose timing may be start of level.

  • UncleBob2UncleBob2 Posts: 59 Level 2
    Yes, i think it's appropriate

    @AkumaXX I have typically used lollipop hammers at the “end of normal moves” for a given level where I can be almost certain that a specific 1 or 2 lollipop hammers in exact positions will successfully complete the level. However, I have also tried using a hammer, usually the wrapped lollipop hammer, to open up a constricted area of the playing grid at the very beginning of the game, because many of the CCFS levels seem designed so that the potential for destroying blockers and completing the level dramatically increases as the playing grid is opened up and more combinations become possible. What is your experience with using lollipop hammers? Do you have any rules or guidelines for when you will use them? If so, I would be interested, and those experience-based guidelines may also help new players use the hammers efficiently.


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