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DieOmimi Posts: 31,977 Friends Moderator
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Hi friendtastic players!

I'm opening this new discussion because there are players who want to finish each level with 3 stars. 

Personally, I do not have this claim. But I know that we have excellent players in Candy Crush Friends Saga who can (complete levels with 3 stars).

Who wants to join?

First of all, I would like to help @Zeke777 who wants to complete level 5947 with 3 stars. So far, he has had no luck. Please dear frientastic players, would you like to help? I know you can!

There is also a request from @3StarGeneral for levels 1856, 4394, 4567 and 5638. Can anyone complete these levels with 3 stars?

I would be very happy if a player can help here.



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