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(ENDED) 💥 Friendly Quest #11 👉 Win a new Chef's costume for Olivia 👈

MountainMom Posts: 11,997 Friends Moderator
edited December 2023 in Contests

Howdy Friendtastic Crushers! Are you ready for the 11th Friendly Quest in our 12-week series?

All you need to do is... Olivia a new Chef's costume!

The Underwater Cookout event began on Monday, 6 November 2023. It lasts for 2 weeks, so you can complete the event before this quest ends.

How does it work❓

You need to play Olivia's 10 levels and complete her star chaser (30 new stars) to win her a new Chef's costume. Be sure to collect each of the packages placed on your game board in levels 1, 4 and 7 for special rewards -- you will earn 400 of the 450 points required for the costume (the remaining 50 points are earned by completing the star chaser).

Rules: 👇

  • Post a screenshot showing you have completed the star chaser and won the Chef's costume for Olivia 👇
  • If you have already won the Chef's costume and didn't take a screenshot, please post a screenshot of your scrapbook showing Olivia in her new Chef's costume 👇 and a copy of your current map (no cropping, and avatar must be shown)
  • If you didn't get the event or you choose not to play all 10 Olivia levels, then post the following screenshots: (1) your game map showing your last completed level -- this will be your starting level, and (2) your game map showing you have won 30 new stars ofter your starting level. Important: your screenshots cannot be cropped, and each of them must show your avatar on your game map.
  • Please mark your screenshot(s) with a personal identifier to discourage "borrowing" them by another player.
  • Copying screenshots from another player will disqualify the offending player from winning gold bars and earning the badge.

Dates: 👇

You have one week to complete this quest. It begins NOW and ends on Wednesday, 2️⃣9️⃣ November 2023, 17:00 Central European Time (11:00 Eastern Standard Time). [Note: The deadline was extended because the tagging functionality has not been working.]

What can I win❓

All players who successfully complete this quest will be entered into a drawing to be held after this quest ends. Three players will be randomly selected to win 30 gold bars in their Candy Crush Friends Saga game.

Reminder: All players who successfully complete all 12 quests in this series will receive the exclusive CCFS 12-Quests badge for their Community profiles. Many of you are on track to win the badge !

🎉 Let's have some Friendly fun! 🎉

Terms and Conditions here.



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