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what is going on with the games?

BunnyNBunnyN Posts: 4 New Bee
At first I only had issues with Blossom Blast not loading / unable to play  - but now i am seeing issues with other king games - no longer getting daily gifts or receiving any free lives from friends.  Is there a fix coming any time soon?   It’s been a while now and I’m ready to say goodbye.


  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 4,565 Video Creator
    Hi @BunnyN

    I am sorry but they are still looking into. When they have an update they will post on the Blossom Blast thread which I see you are on. I am sorry for the delay due to the holiday and hopefully they will have it cleared up soon.  As for other games issues you can select the correct game by clicking the Games/Home tab in the top left to select the game you are having issue with and check if there is already a post to add to or create a new post per issue you are having.

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