Beat the Queen and get Free Boosters! #5 (Finished)

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Hello everyone! I hope you're having a fun-tastic Wednesday :star: 

For those of you who don't know me, I am QueenMia, Serial crusher, King games Master, Candy Champions and... it’s time for a little fun! 

Do you think you have what it takes to beat me? Do you want to show the World who’s the boss and fancy collecting free boosters at the same time? 
Easy! All you need to do is play level 362 on Candy Crush Friends, beat my score of 105 270 and post your score below!

I know whose of you who reached the top will have to scroll down but hey, is it not worth the glory... and the boosters? 😜 Now level 362 is a bit challenging but I personally really enjoy that kind of level. It's good fun and I hope you'll agree! 

All participants who beat me will receive the booster of their choice!
And... The best score will receive 3 sweet boosters(Even if you don’t beat me). As simple as that!

But that's not all!

This time, the winner will not only receive 3 free boosters, but also the honour of being awarded the "Beat the Queen Candy Crush Friends Champion" Badge. How awesome is that?!


Now, how to get your booster?

Simply post it in a comment below with:

. A screenshot showing your score on the level 

. Your Game ID, check here how to find it

. What booster you want to be added!


You have until Wednesday 20th of March, 13pm CET to crush candies and participate! You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

Do you dare to take up on the challenge? Remember.... these could be yours!

Good luck and happy crushing everyone!

*Boosters will be credited once the Contest is over, on the Wednesday 20th of March 2019.

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