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Does this game run differently for everyone?



  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 10,647 Superstar
    Wow! Thanks for letting us know this. So much effort. It's great to know what it is all about. Have a great day 😊 @CandyCrushinator
  • wozziewoowozziewoo Posts: 151 Level 3
    I understand that devices run differently & therefore you need to make certain allowances to make things work on said device.  I realize that just the nature of the device being used will make the experience different for different people.  However, when you have a community set up like this with a wide variation of people who are all playing different versions of the "same" game, it make interactions more challenging.  People are talking about events that others have no idea about, or encountering problems that are device specific & getting help from others on a different device.  It does complicate things, when we are all trying to talk about the same game but coming at it from different angles.

    Further, for me personally, not being able to participate at all in The Women's World Cup star collection event is a major bummer.  I play this game specifically to collect the different characters/costumes.  It was awesome in the beginning when there were a lot to collect, but I now have them & wait for new ones.  Others may get excited about new levels released, I get excited about new costumes.  To know there is a new costume available & I have no way of getting it simply because I wasn't "selected" really upsets me.  I can live with being able to participate & if I don't succeed & miss out is 1 thing, but to never get the opportunity at all is aggravating & extremely disappointing.

    I don't know how people get chosen for these events, but it is my hope that you DON'T do more of these "exclusive" events if you can't make them available to those who may want them most.  I play multiple times of day, I am advanced fairly far in the game, & often end up with 3 stars more often the not when collecting levels, collecting characters/costumes is my favorite aspect of the game, I always complete all my daily quests every day on whatever device I open that day (some times multiple times a day) & I have access to multiple devices, should that have been an issue.  It pains me to know that some random person who may barely play or care might have gotten to participate in this, & may even win & yet I do not, & I miss out on one of the key enjoyments of the game for me.

    I will stick around...for now... but it is my sincere hope that in the future there is more transparency about these things & more ability for those people who like certain aspects of the game to not miss out on those part of the game they enjoy most.

    Thanks for the time.  Hopefully this clarifies my stance a bit better & where I was going with my original post.
  • CandyCrushinatorCandyCrushinator Posts: 48 Kingster
    Hi @wozziewoo,

    I completely understand where you're coming from and as we create new events we always do our best to release them on all platforms.  In these particular 2 cases we had to make a decision on whether to release an event on some platforms or not release them at all.  We made the decision to give the new and fun experience to as many people as we could and unfortunately that comes at the cost of others not getting that same experience.  It's certainly not ideal and for that I apologize.  I can't promise when we will be able to fix this as it's a complicated issue on our side but we are looking into it and will do our best to release these events across all platforms as soon as possible.  In the meantime, like I mentioned before, stick with us and see if anything pops up in game in the near future.
  • wozziewoowozziewoo Posts: 151 Level 3
    I appreciate your response.  I'm just curious what determines who gets to play in what events.  I play mostly on my computer, so I can get missing out on mobile events, however, I DO have access to a mobile & if this event was exclusive to that I easily could have just played on that had I been able to.  I am from the USA, which I found out won the event, as I figured they would.  So, had I been provided the opportunity to participate it would be yet 1 more costume I get to add to my collection.

    As I've stated before, I mainly play to collect the characters & the costumes.  I play for myself & don't really care much for how others are doing if it ears no effect on my game.  Ironically, When the Olivia event was released I saw it & then it disappeared & it was through trying to contact someone to find out how to fix it that I discovered this board.  I'm sure there were plenty of things going on in the past that were going on I had no idea about & it didn't matter, but now I'm here & I check regularly, so now I know all that is happening & what I might be missing out on.  Hence the reason I ended up starting this post in the first place.

    I hope in the future, events like this don't happen & people can just play the game & earn any character available the "regular way"  or at least everyone is given an equal opportunity to earn whatever is available should they choose to.  Should something like this run again, I would hope that at least all players be made aware & given the conditions to participate so they can opt in or not should they choose to.  Otherwise you create a different & unfair experience for others.  This goes beyond minor differences within each level, layout, board design, moves, etc.
  • Dante3116Dante3116 Posts: 1 New Bee
    Yes, it clearly does run different depending in wich device are you playing.
    I play this game with my girlfriend and it's a whole different story. Back when the Olivia's event was released, she only had to collect a few stars in normal levels while I was trying to pass those hard 10 levels. She also has 4 movements free when watching an ad while I only have 2. 
    She plays on Android and I play on iOS, but it's very unfair and the developers of this game should take care of that because it ruins the experience.
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