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(FINISHED) Help Tiffi Pick a Costume for a Chance to Win Gold Bars!



  • TheFishstaTheFishsta Posts: 125 Ambassador

    Ohhh I love this challenge! 
    I choose a fish outfit for Tiffi ...

    ><:> 0 o 0 

  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 1,428 Legend

    How is your favorite character? ❤
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    It's going to be Friend-tastic ❄⛄🎄
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  • Silvana13Silvana13 Posts: 33 ✭✭
    This one is definitely the cutest!! 😻
  • copperterracopperterra Posts: 3
    I like Tiffi the dragon best.  Who doesn't love a dragon?
  • Lucas_Yan_MaiaLucas_Yan_Maia Posts: 355 Game Expert
    I Love tiffi the vampire 🧛‍♀️🍬
    💎💎🌟HAVE A SASSY DAY 🌟💎💎
         LY____✏ 💎DIAMOND'S HUNTER💎

  • rasel1245rasel1245 Posts: 8
    Personally i like tiffi in dragon outfit because it represents power and encourage 
  • tylarsmemawtylarsmemaw Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Thank you for the tag, @SeraphicStar 👋 😻I would say a good costume for Tiffy would be a kitty! I'm generally all about unicorns, but since we have Misty, I think it's only fitting she has a kittycostumel Thanks again! 😻😻😻
  • pelmirapelmira Posts: 7

    My favorite is Tiffi the tiger, cuz she's so cute and sweet in this costume beside the fact that I love cats! 😍
  • sarma_palash123sarma_palash123 Posts: 31 ✭✭
    edited August 30
  • sarma_palash123sarma_palash123 Posts: 31 ✭✭
    edited August 30
    I like tiffi the Vampire
  • Pocahontas1Pocahontas1 Posts: 29
    Tiffi the Vampire
  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 1,956 Superstar
    Thanks to everyone that has participated! The contest ends in two days, so we'll have our three winners soon!😀

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  • LnonblondeLnonblonde Posts: 67 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Crimson_Dawn!
    Thank you for inviting me to your awesome contest!
    Turkey Tiffi is my fav!

  • SusanJoanSusanJoan Posts: 3
    If you don't have a Community account yet, no worries, sign up right here to participate! It only takes a second! As easy as that 😉

    Our friend Tiffi is ready for another sweet adventure! She's got her supplies ready, and her friends are waiting on her! There's just one problem - she doesn't know what to wear! Should she wear what she already has on? Maybe her vampire costume would be better! Oh, but that astronaut outfit is looking pretty good! Can you help Tiffi?

    Tell us what your favorite costume for Tiffi is for the chance to win!

    What are the prizes?

    Well, the prize will depend on how well our contest ranks - There will be a weekly leaderboard to see which contest is ahead and keep track on the progression! The Superstars contest with the more participants will award 100 Gold bars! But whatever happens, we are assured that 3 lucky winners from this contest will receive at least 10 Gold Bars. 

    In short, the more participants we have in this contest, the more chances we have to win big! So go call your friends to join in! We have until the 31st of August to be the biggest Superstar contest and win 100 Gold bars! More info here.

    1st place: The superstar + 3 randomly picked players form the contest will get 100 Gold Bars each + a wonderful Superstars Summer Contests Badge!!
    2nd place: The superstar + 3 randomly picked players form the contest will get 50 Gold Bars each.
    3rd place: The superstar + 3 randomly picked players form the contest will get 25 Gold Bars each.
    All others: The superstar + 3 randomly picked players form the contest will get 10 Gold Bars each.

    You have until Saturday 31st of August 13pm CET to participate! You can read the Terms and Conditions here.
    Hi everyone, I just received a reminder that I haven't been here for a while. I'm new to Boards in general and can see this contest but can't see where all the outfits are to choose from. Can one of you lovely members help me out please? 
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,399 Legend
    I would like to have an elf or fairy costume.

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