How can I did not get my reward

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I finished level 580 and at the end of it I did not get my reward and I would like to know why when can I still get that reward


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    Hi @amysandall,

    Welcome to the best Community and thank you very much for playing Candy Crush Friends Saga!

    This seems to be a bug happening after 1.22.7 update that has released last week and it's also happens to me and well you need to update the game to the latest version (1.22.8) on app store but if it doesn't fixed well you need to do these steps... ;)

    1) - Go to settings!
    2) - Go to applications!
    3) - Click on "Candy Crush Friends Saga"...
    4) - Click "Force stop"...
    5) - and finally clear the game data... and voila! :waving:

    But remember that you will be lose your saved boosters! 

    Have a great day! 
    Hopefully we'll see you on the community! <3

    Give a feedback for special challenges of Candy Crush Friends Saga! 👉 Here
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    Hello @amysandall Hearty Welcome to the Candy Friends section of our friendly King Community :) 

    I am sorry to hear that you have not received the reward after finishing an episode in your game!!  Unfortunately, there was an issue with the "End of the Map Reward" and the Team is working to fix the issue as soon as possible.  

    Please post your game user ID number and the levels you have finished at this main thread, so that our Friends Community Manager can send some rewards in your way

    Find you game ID through This LINK

    ** Since I am redirecting you to the main thread, this post will be closed now to lessen the confusion =) 

    See you around!  Have a great rest of the day/evening! 

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