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(FINISHED) Win 30 Gold bars - Who is your favourite characters!



  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,831 Community Manager
    Hehe, wow, very nice tribute to our dear Nutcracker @Sofia1992 🤗 

    Thanks everyone for sharing your favourite ones! So far, no surprises, Yeti is the big fav with 25 votes, followed by Misty &Co! 

    Rachel 1

    Keep the votes coming 🍒

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  • CherrygideonCherrygideon Posts: 1 New Bee
    My fave character is yeti. I always do really well when I use him! 
  • ellectraellectra Posts: 26 Level 2
    Red rabbit for me - fun to play with and adorable.
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,831 Community Manager
    ellectra said:
    Red rabbit for me - fun to play with and adorable.
    @ellectra - Finally someone rooting for our sweet Red Rabbit 😋🍒

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  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 382 Game Expert
    Hey everyone...
    First of all, a big thanks to @QueenMia for finding my little tribute for our beloved Nutcracker so great and that's a small part of the tribute that I prepare this month with our favorite Characters in Candy Crush Games. 'Remember when I said to everyone that I will gonna realise something which is called 'Analysis, Theories and Facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters?'  I prepared cool tributes about Tiffi and I'm almost done with Mr.Yeti so I will gonna realised them here in Forum, the next days.

    Now about @Foley1362, I don't have Misty the Reindeer or Santa Yeti too but I will gonna collect them with that Holiday Calendar Event. Now I'm collecting though this event, stickers for Misty the Reindeer (I have 200/450 for Misty the Reindeer now) . Good luck of getting Santa Yeti this Year.

    And @candycrushinit...Hehe...I'm glad that I found another fan of Nutcracker here.
    I love Nutcracker so much and he always surprises me with many ways. From his amazing ability until his cool victory dances (I love his tango as King of Hearts. D'awww...That makes him double cutie.)
    Between us, I don't have King of Hearts or Prince of Diamonds costume because as I said I started to play this game on August so...I don't have them to be honest. Oh well...the next year maybe, if I'm lucky!
    Now if you wonder why Tiffi doesn't even remember his name even if Nutcracker has a huge crush on her...well...I have two theories about it and since I am preparing right now a tribute about him, well...I will tell you:

    1) Tiffi doesn't know nothing about love and relationships if you think that she is only six years old girl so she is a little immature on that theme.
    2) Or Tiffi knows about love but she is not interesting to be in love right now. She cares more to save the Candy World than to be in relationship now because relationships need a lot of responsibility and a lot of work so to build them with the right bases. Maybe it's too much for her so to be in love with Nutcracker and as the result, she saw him more as a loyal friend in the hardest times than as lover and something more. 

    Oh well...Who knows? As I said, those two are just theories but very cool ones or better to say that this is my own opinion on how I see the things.
    But don't worry. Even if Nutcracker doesn't have Tiffi's love, still he has the love and the support from all the players around and that includes and me too.
    Seriously, Nutcracker really deserves it at all. 

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  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 1,475 Legend

    Many people are love Yeti, it's very amazing! <3

    Thanks everyone for participating! <3

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    ~ MightyWolf ~
  • Black39RiderBlack39Rider Posts: 22 Level 2
    edited December 2019
    Misty and Yeti are my favorite Characters. 
  • Namie_BelonioNamie_Belonio Posts: 1 New Bee
    Hi, I would like to say that my favorite character is Yeti, I feel like everytime I use him the level is more easier to overcome ❤
  • christine88christine88 Posts: 252 Level 4
    Olivia the octopus and the nutcracker are my favorite characters
  • AcvAcv Posts: 450 Level 4
    @QueenMia my favourite character is Dachs.  He makes me smile he is so cute and I love his dances when you win a level.  On a strategic standpoint my favourite is Rachel.  Who doesn't like 4 color bombs or coloring candies activating at the same time. 
  • lynnz218lynnz218 Posts: 1 New Bee
    My favorite is the Yeti, because he likes to blow up things!🤣🤣
  • Elena_zapata2020Elena_zapata2020 Posts: 51 Level 3
    My favorite is Dexter because I help him collect candy and he gives me gifts every time I win

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