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Olivia in holiday event not unlocked



  • OctoberDragonOctoberDragon Posts: 7 Level 2
    Thanks for getting back about what has happened @QueenMia so wouldn't of unlocked Olivia in the event, which is a shame, but thanks for clarifying why, much appreciated :)
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 409 Level 4
    Thanks for the explanation. There hasn't been an opportunity to try to earn Olivia since I started playing faithfully every day last year so I would have been disappointed if it was lost!
  • MeliMalMeliMal Posts: 17 Level 2
    QueenMia said:
    Hi everyone and sorry for the delay! I've been busy looking after our Majesty the Jelly Queen! 

    The Superstar Holiday Challenge gave you the opportunity to start collecting stickers for Olivia - The character is connected to the event itself, so without the live event, the stickers do not show in your scrapbook. So do not worry! It does not show, but it is there! You will be able to collect more Olivia stickers and see your progress during future events. 

    That's the way it works for now - We know it's not "ideal" and we'll be looking at ways to improve that in the future.  But for now, all you need to know is that your stickers are not lost and that your progress will continue when you'll receive more stickers... and eventually, you'll be able to unlock that amazing character! Just be patient and keep on playing 😉

    I hope that make sense and that it clarifies it all! Sorry again for the delay and confusion! 

    See you around the Community and happy playing 🍒
    Thanks for the answer! In which kind of special event will we get stickers for Olivia? The regular ones like Dachs and his key or Misty and her stars or the cookies challenge or dedicated events to Olivia? Thanks!
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