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Advice needed for levels 1120 and 1256

swtpeazs Posts: 5 Level 2
Hello CCFS Community! I am new to the Community and have been looking through the threads on strategies to get 3 stars on levels 1120 and 1256. I am currently on level 1478 but getting 3 stars on ALL the levels is a big goal for me. Anyone have any advice on the best way to get 3 stars on theses levels?


  • QueenMia
    QueenMia Posts: 12,981 Community Manager
    edited January 2020
    Hi @swtpeazs and warm welcome to the Community 🤗 

    Have you checked our Superstar @JustPlaying's video here?
    Also, I am sure @JustPlaying or one of our top players @flew66 @kiara_wael @Sukanta_Biswas @Foley1362 @mysticalmysty @wafercookieflippers will have some good tips for you to pass these levels with 3 stars 🌟 

    Let us know how it goes and good luck 🍒
  • KingChewy
    KingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend
    Hi @swtpeazs - welcome to our friendly community!! I hope @QueenMia ‘s suggestions have worked but if not I would highly recommend trying to play each level with the timed boosters going and try using one of the other 2 friends options for the round. Sometimes the ‘recommended’ friend is not always the best option IMHO. 

    Let us know how it goes 🙏🏻
  • flew66
    flew66 Posts: 2,361 Level 5
    Hi @swtpeazs 1120 and 1256 are two tough levels to beat and the thresholds for awarding three stars are set extremely high. It would be quite a feat if you manage to get three stars from these two levels.
    From playing all the Beat the Superstar contests, I learn that there are two strategies to get very high score in CCFS. 1) Finish the level with unused moves. Each unused move will become a booster and each will earn thousands of points even before the booster is detonated. 2) Trigger a chained reaction - this is really the key to high score. Points are awarded exponentially in a chained reaction. Chained reaction could generate tens of thousands of points, in some rare case millions. Unfortunately it is sort of random as we have no control on how the different color candies are appearing on the board. Having multiple wrapped candies created on the board would help. Also, if you can manage to get a combo of two coloring candies (which is extremely rare), it would fill up the board with the same color candies and would definitely trigger some firework! Good luck!
  • swtpeazs
    swtpeazs Posts: 5 Level 2
    Thank you all for the tips! I will try them and see which one works!

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