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Character That "Spreads" Jelly!

SeraphicStarSeraphicStar Posts: 4,537 Legend
edited January 20 in The Friends Files
Greetings fellow Candy Crushers! I'm SeraphicStar and today I wanted to share an idea I had based off of some of the stuff I heard others mention. :3

So my idea is that we should have a Friend character whose special power is specifically designed to spread jelly on the board. Now I know that depending on how this is done it could break some levels' difficulty and make them too easy, so I was thinking either require a high candy clear number to trigger, say 20 or so and maybe make it work similar to Nutcrackers power or something.
The alternative is maybe make it hit random tiles on the board that don't have jelly on them yet.

Anyway this idea is kinda in a development stage, so if any of you sweet folks have insight to make it better, or if this idea has already been mentioned please say something!πŸ˜‰
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