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Level 3160 glitch

ellectraellectra Posts: 95 Level 3

Hey there. There is a glitch on level 3160 - the starting board needs to be changed.

When playing with the friendly charge booster active and choosing Yeti or Odus, it's game over since there are usually no candies to combine the special candies with.

Same thing happens with the sweet streak booster - level one is fine (stripe/wrap combo), but level two or three is a problem - if you get a color bomb that you can combine with a wrap or stripe, and they are or different colors, there are no possible moves to make, the board doesn't open up and it's a lost life. So the boosters that are supposed to help on this super hard level actually hurt, and you end up both losing a life and the sweet streak.

If someone could fix that, it would be great.


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