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abe_coffee Level 5

hi @Sandi-2 good questions ... congrats on getting to level 614 ... you must have some serious skills 🍮 🍮   artifacts for level 614 with extra moves ... Witch Doctor ... Mermouse ... if you need help selecting an artifact(helper) let me know ... again if you got this far without changing artifacts you have some serious skills 🍮 🍮   codices are like books ... entanglers are like vines(nice observation) 🍮 🍮   when you spread cheese ... it will spread from the cheesed area until you hit a vine ... after that there is no cheese spread(sorry, not a bug) ... again you have some serious skills to get this far 🍮 🍮   please keep asking questions ... let's try to get through this level using your extraordinary skills 🍮 🍮  


  • Similar behavior here using the microsoft app on a pc. Sometimes the bonus comes up right away, sometimes a level must be played. The facebook version on a pc seems to come up right away everytime. ... applause!
  • hi lynnorear65 👑 level 881 ... 15 moves 👑 This level can be ridiculous most of the time. However, it can be beaten without using boosters. It may take 20 or more tries to beat it without using boosters. Another approach ... If you have plenty of beans, then purchase 3 shovels each try. You might be able to beat level 881…
  • Hi khittiekat welcome to the community 2311 is identified correctly ... it is a hard level It appears that the number of mushrooms has been reduced from 70 to 60. The number of moves is now 21. It is still very difficult. After 75 attempts using no boosters the closest to 60 mushrooms was 49 for me. It is rare to reach 30…
  • Boosters that were lost on April 21st reappeared yesterday. windows 10 ... chrome and opera ... version 6.15.3 many thanks for those who helped 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 
  • @Irenejd do not feel bad the "Find my ID" option is poorly displayed ... it is almost invisible it would be nice if the programmers/testers would find things like this before a version is released 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 
  • hi @PummyRaj user ID 6686631996 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 
  • hi @Lady_Choo, Thank you for the reply. Am playing through Facebook with an Amazon Fire tablet. This works fine. Am playing through Facebook with opera and chrome on a windows 10 laptop. Most of the boosters were removed. It is interesting that both browsers changed to the same numbers.(11 row blasters, 9 plus 1, and 1…
  • lost most of the boosters on my laptop windows 10 ... chrome and opera lost boosters it looks like a new version 6.12.2 note ... did not lose any boosters with the amazon fire app(5.92.4) ... did not lose any boosters with the microsoft app on the laptop(6.12.3)
  • hi @nancyb099 and @nwprincess if a level becomes impossible here is an alternate appraoch: stop playing until you have enough boosters take advantage of free boosters how is this done? ... play the daily bonus for 3 weeks it may take 4 weeks ... collect boosters and then play them wisely
  • more details ... no improvement with version 5.92.4 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 it appears that the +1 count may be off after the daily spin is done sometimes it happens when a +1 is awarded ... sometimes it happens when other boosters are awarded recent incidents ... Nov 17 and Nov 27(5.92.4) 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 
  • hi @encantes I hope all is well. 228,000 is my guess thank you for the great contest
  • amazon fire tablet ... using facebook
  • it appears that the following have been improved with the tablet version of 5.91.2: ... the facebook login is faster and more reliable ... the connection errors no longer occur 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 
  • ... windows 10 ... microsoft app more info: 1-2-3 worked okay on 10-26-22 with 1-2-3 froze on the tablet app(and facebook) yesterday(10-27-22) am not sure if that helps 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 
  • hi @encantes I can play 4 ways 1) amazon fire tablet app(facebook) 2) laptop with the microsoft app 3) laptop facebook with chrome 4) laptop facebook with opera the tablet is my mobile device and that is where the "connection"(freezing) problems occur(no problems with the laptop) one other observation ... for…
  • am not sure if this is related ... 1-2-3 did not transfer the rewards for 100 and 110 today ... doh! seemed to work on the pc ... the robbery occurred on the tablet app 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 also with the tablet app ... there are intermittent connection errors 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 program froze at 110 rewards
  • hi @Sandra2022 please post in English in this forum 🍮 🍮 🍮 🍮 @wykoon @adlib @juanmarcelo @Lola_Pop @Crazy Cat Lad @jennyo3871 @Smileyley @channie8 here are some observations for ABS in 2022 tablets and phones may still have ABS code that runs with limitations ABS will no longer connect through facebook(lives can no longer…
  • @toyoly thanks for posting the info about copying a previous backup. That may help some other players. my app quit working awhile back on my tablet, but I still have notes for most levels. good luck with level 918. level 919 started with 39 moves in 2019 and eventually increased to 54 moves in 2020. level 920 can take a…
  • @skipres and @toyoly many players are still playing with the limitations mentioned above yes ... 920 is the final level please let us know if you are successful with a new iPad ... I looked for ABS downloads awhile back but did not find any if you get stuck on a level I am happy to give suggestions

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