(Finished) Help Allen The Alien and win Gold Bars!

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Allen The Alien has just received a secret message from a planet far far away. It's in his native language but he has been too long in the Jelly World that he started forgetting his language. He really needs your help!

The secret message is written in symbols. In the code key at the bottom of the page, you can find out the meaning of each symbol. Allen misses his friends a lot and he would be very grateful if you help him 😊

Now let's go to the sweetest part of the contest! 10 random players who decode the message and help our dear friend Allen will receive 30 Gold Bars each in their Candy Crush Jelly Saga game. The contest ends on the 12th of September 12:00 CET.

Please use the spoiler so that others do not see your answers.

Good luck πŸ€—

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