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(Finished) Solve the Mystery, find the Thief and win amazing prizes!

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Are you a true Detective?

Here is your chance to prove it!




There was a masquerade ball in the Kingdom and no one could see who was who. Everyone had a great time but one of our characters woke up to a sad discovery: 

Something was missing!


Help us find out who the thief is by solving the mystery!


You will need to find out: Who did it? What was stolen? Where was it stolen from and Why?

 More info here

This week, you have to find out WHO.

How to solve the mystery? Easy!


. Answer the question below and comment with your answer for a chance to win Gold Bars!

We’ll pick 3 lucky players who will receive 20 Gold bars each! 


. Collect the associated letters

. Go check here for more clues on WHO 

. Once you have answered all questions, assemble the letters correctly to solve the mystery and know who’s the thief!! 

. Come back every week to solve the case and a chance to win: 

. 3 lucky winners will be chosen amongst the detectives who provided the correct answer and will be granted a pass to our very exclusive Backstage area!


.10 random players with the correct answer will receive 100 Gold bars in the game of their choice!


. Every detective who solves the case will be able to wear the Sheriff badge with pride!

More info here

So what are you waiting for? 

Grab your notebook, and good luck!



You have until Monday 30th of September 13:00 CET to participate!

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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