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(FINISHED) Five letter game- Have fun and win 30 Gold Bars

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 5,914 Community Manager
edited August 2020 in Win Prizes!

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Hello Jelly crushers!!

We have a new game for you; this time, we have a real Superstar hosting it: our dear @firebombmarkus !! 😎

Let's give him the mic:

"Hi guys 🤗

It's time for another contest in our Jellylicious Community! Are you as excited as I am? 😁

What is this contest about?

It's quite easy!

I will choose five letters and write them down.

The next person that comments has to make a sentence using these five letters.

The sentence should consist of five words, each word starts with a separate letter.

Let me give you an example. If I write down BMMHT, the person that posts next can write a sentence like this "Begging me, make hummus tonight"

And then, that person will leave their five letters.

But please be careful! The Jelly Queen is watching you and you know how strict she can be 🙈"

And what about the prize?

5 lucky winners will be randomly picked and receive 30 Gold Bars in their Jelly games!! Juicy!! 😎

You have until Friday, the 31st of July, 13pm CET to participate!

Terms and Conditions here.

Let the fun begin!!

👉️The first 5 letters are: P G M T H 👈️

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