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 🚀 Jelly Race- how many can YOU pass in a week?

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Dear Jelly Community,

We all know you're the greatest Jelly's time to show us how much Jelly you can crush and spread!

👉 Show us how many levels you can pass in a week to collect your Jellylicious badges 🙌

🍭 How?

Share your level at the beginning of the week and then again at the end of it (you can post both screenshots in the same comment!)

💫 Pass 15 levels or more and get the 15 levels badge

💫 Pass 30 levels or more and get the 30 levels badge

💫 Pass 50 levels or more and get the 50 levels badge

💫 Pass 75 levels or more and get the 75 levels badge

💫 Pass 100 levels or more and get the 100 levels badge

💫 Pass 150 levels or more and get the 150 levels badge

💫 Pass 200 levels or more and get the 200 levels badge


  • You can share your progress every day, at any time - It does not have to be a proper full week, nor from Monday to Sunday. The most important is that we cheer for each other and share our successes! 😉
  • Badges are given manually, so bear with us - It might take a few days before you get them added to your profile
  • To make it easier for us not to miss your badges, make sure you show us both screenshots in the comments and let us know how many levels you have passed 😉

This thread is part of the Jellybean Challenge, so, on top of your badges, you'll also earn:

  • 5 Jellybeans for passing 15-50 levels
  • 10 Jellybeans for passing 75-150 levels

For more information about this program, please head over HERE

Ready? Join by commenting below 👇👇🏎️



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