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🖥️📱💻Community Participation Device?💻📱🖥️

Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5
edited July 2022 in Discussions

🖥️📱💻 Community Participation Device? 🖥️📱💻

Hi Jelly Community!🌞

Do you use a different device for visiting the Community?🤔

When visiting the King Community Forums, which device do you use to post a comment & explore the Communities?

Why do you use this device, if different to the one you use to play King Games?

What differences do you notice regarding navigation, receiving notifications & main page viewing?

How does which device you use for the Community impact where & how you comment?

Let us know about your preferences after voting!👍🌞

🖥️📱💻Community Participation Device?💻📱🖥️ 31 votes

I use Mobile for visiting the Community
Diamond_Limkiara_waeldananelleYorben_Goereesiti_payungMaryLuyo2020betchiegrl29rebelchildPrincess_JessicaMoh1977Nico_Gpillow6a10074130 13 votes
I use Tablet for visiting the Community
MiladyRcfryer4444 2 votes
I use Laptop for visiting the Community
Sukanta_BiswasAndres-2NamTruong2001Pitty_KittyRacoon7KCullen127Kalaxar 7 votes
I use PC for visiting the Community
_Elsa_quad5Lady_Sarinamumsie1970 4 votes
I use Kindle for visiting the Community
Lady_ChoowykoonDieOmimiNikolaos_ProdromidisTruth_Serum 5 votes


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