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🖥️📱💻Community Participation Device?💻📱🖥️



  • wykoon
    wykoon Posts: 12,637 Community Hub Moderator
    edited June 2022

    Hi @Lady_Sarina

    I usually use 2 devices. Mobile during day time for quick reply during office hour and laptop at night for extensive activities in the Community such as drafting contents, tagging (same reason as PK mentioned above), replying long messaged and the screen is bigger for ease of review and reading. 😅😅

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 22,167 Pet Rescue Moderator

    I prefer using PC as it's a bigger screen and I can open new tabs without leaving my page easier.

    But I also use iPad and phone when not on PC and you didn't have that option for all 😁

    I don't like using the phone for it as it's too much with navigation, seeing notifications , It's like all on one page and tiny 😳

    that's not the community's fault it's how mobile sites work which is why I prefer PC 😊

  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 3,878 Level 5
    I use Laptop for visiting the Community

    @Lady_Sarina I use many device, but Laptop is often.

  • siti_payung
    siti_payung Posts: 13,090 Level 5
    I use Mobile for visiting the Community

    Mostly mobile

  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 14,185 Level 5
    I use Mobile for visiting the Community


  • Moh1977
    Moh1977 Posts: 7,566 Level 5
    I use Mobile for visiting the Community

    Hi @Lady_Sarina

    Using a mobile phone to visit the community .

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,798 Friends Moderator

    @Lady_Sarina question is not so easy to answer. When I visit the community to participate in a contest and post something, I use a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone - depending on what is currently available and not charging). Even when I'm on the road, I often only have my phone with me.

    When I prepare contests or navigate the forums, I use my laptop. The screen is bigger and I can open more tabs at the same time and work them off one by one. 

    I also use my laptop to play in the games that have different levels at the end of the map. For example, CCS and CCFS.

    I think it's like 50/50.

  • betchiegrl29
    betchiegrl29 Posts: 9,260 Level 5
    I use Mobile for visiting the Community


  • quad5
    quad5 Posts: 605 Level 4
    I use PC for visiting the Community

    I chose PC, but I use my laptop too. They are both the same in terms of how the site appears when viewed and how it operates. Whichever I use, just depends on where I'm at during the year or whether I'm just reading a thread. Regardless, I only upload screenshots or type on here with one or the other.

  • Sukanta_Biswas
    Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,866 Candy Moderator
    I use Laptop for visiting the Community

    Hi dear @Lady_Sarina 🥰

    I visit the Community via mobile and laptop, but I use mobile for checking notifications and laptop for answer or reply😃

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