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Contest #1 crossword with a twist

Princess_Jessica Posts: 6,642 Jelly Moderator
edited August 25 in Contests

Hello everyone‼️

I wanted to mix things up a bit and try to do something different for a contest. With this contest it will be done in 2 parts. Now you will find part 1 of the contest. It's a crossword puzzle and the clues are from the jelly game.


4: Match five in a row. Powerful spotted candy that

clears all candies of the same color as the one it was

matched with.

6: Clears the first candy it's switched with, then

converts the next three candies in that row or column to

striped candies. 

7: Match five in a T-shape. It will explode when

swapped, taking out any candies around it.

8: Match four in a 2x2 square. It attacks a random

square and eats the candy on it.


1: Match 5 color candies in a row. If you can match it

with a striped candy, all the same color candies will turn

into stripes.

2: Looks like an octopus with tentacles. If you don’t

make a match with a candy locked under its strings it

will begin to spread over the adjacent candies. It takes

3 hits to remove.

3: Match of 5 of the same color candies in a straight

line of 5 and at least one candy next to the row or

column adjacent to the middle. 

5: Match four in a row. Clears an entire row or column,

depending on direction of the stripes.

I wrote out the clues so that hopefully this will help players who is of a non English origin

Everyone who completes part one and part two will receive a beautiful badge and be put in for a random draw of 30 gold bars each for 3 players for your game of choice (except COTR).

The badge will be revealed in part two of the contest. What will it be. I'll give you a clue to your puzzle. It is from jelly, it is beautiful, and it is made by Elsa 😍

This first part of the contest will run for 2 days. Then the second contest will start Thursday 12th. Part 2 of the contest will then run for 2 weeks. So come join in some fun and win some goodies 😉

So starting now until January 26th the contest will be open ⏰

As a reminder everyone must participate in both contest to be eligible for the badge and or random draw for the gold bars 🍸

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Please be kind and remember house rules. Have fun, enjoy and thank you 😊



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