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Now Ended!!! 💐 Let's Celebrate May🌷win a badge and gold bars!🦋

Princess_Jessica Posts: 6,626 Jelly Moderator
edited June 13 in Contests

Since May is the 5th month of the year, let's celebrate by playing levels and collecting 1 treasure chest!

Ps: it has been pointed out about the difficulty of collecting the treasure chest so I dropped it to 1 chest and also if needed I will extend the end date 😊 I want everyone to be able to participate.

Reach the chests on the map and beat the bosses to capture their treasures!

Rules 👇

On the map, you will see the chests on boss levels. Each chest contains specific rewards. And to get them, you have to play and win boss levels. It's simple play levels, win the treasure chest and the rewards inside 1 time while earning a beautiful badge and a chance to win 20 gold bars

3 players 20 gold bars!!!

How to post screenshots!

Please post your screenshots individually -- do not post them side-by-side, you can add a personal identifier to your screenshots so they are not "borrowed."

What can I win?

  • Three players who complete this challenge and post valid entries will be randomly selected to win 20 gold bars in the game.
  • Also all valid entries (min of 1 entry) will recieve this beautiful badge created by @Snow_Rider

Dates 👇

This contest ends on 31 May 2023, 17:00 Central European Summer Time (11:00 Eastern Daylight Time) if needed we may extend the dates due to it being harder to collect those treasure chest.

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