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Dear Jellies!

You may have seen it in other Communities...and you may have been wondering "when oh when" it was to come to our Jelly forum...the time is here! Let's start our...

🎇 Jelly Weekend Challenge!🎇

💡 How does it work?

Each Weekend we'll have a new challenge, a new goal to beat!

This first weekends goal? Who'll come closer to this our Jelly Mod @channie8 's score: 146,380 ?

💡 Rules

  • You can play the level you prefer, from level 60 on
  • Post the screenshot from the end of the level
  • You can use Boosters if you want
  • You can post more than one try: the maximum is 10 tries per player in a weekend
  • The closest wins: it doesn't matter if you score less (e.g. 146,375) or more (e.g. 146,385) than the given score
  • In case it's needed, we will have a tie break from Monday to Tuesday
  • You have time from today, Friday 12 pm CEST, to Monday, 26th April, 12 pm CEST

💡 When?

Every Friday to Monday - it's called the Weekend Challenge 😉

💡  What can I win?

Our one-of-a-kind Jelly Champion Badge...and an entry to our Weekend Challenge Hall of Fame!

Isn't that Jellylicious?

Now crush it and let's see who becomes our first Jelly Weekend Challenge Champion! Will it be YOU?

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