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How to grab my Level 5000 badge?

gajdizs Posts: 13 Level 2


I would like to know how to grab my badge for passing level 5000? When i click on this link " Have you passed level 5000? Come grab your badge HERE! " it just brings me back to the same page and nothing happens. So far I have been unable to get my badge.

I would appreciate any help provided by anyone.



  • DaniTheOG
    DaniTheOG Posts: 2,324 Level 5

    👋 Hi @gajdizs, welcome to the Community!

    To get the Level 5000 Badge post a screenshot of your game map HERE (read the intro & then scroll all the way down to the comment box where you can attach your screenshot).

    • Once @Lola_Pop, the Jelly Community Manager, sees your post there (you can tag her in your post just like I did here) she will add the badge to your Community profile.
  • gajdizs
    gajdizs Posts: 13 Level 2

    Thank you for your respond.

    I uploaded the screenshot of the passed level like a day ago, but there was no any option to tag anybody in comment section. And I don't see anything in your post like you referred here: (you can tag her in your post just like I did here).

    So i'm actually still stuck and unable to get my badge.

    But thanks again.

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    Hi @gajdizs

    There's usually no need to tag in the Badge threads as I check them regular, note them and then our CM will hand them out manually. This is normally the way a lot of the communities do it also. 👍

    Due to the release of the new Jellybeans yesterday, we were heaps busy these last few days and I just didn't get time. I'm very sorry 😓

    I am going through those threads today and note down everyone, who've reached the Milestone badges though and everything should be good to go for badges on Monday 😊

  • daysgoby
    daysgoby Posts: 23 Level 2
  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    Hi @daysgoby

    Welcome to the Jelly Community :0) LOL

    Your screenshot is for Soda 😆 In all the communities you will see Green boxes in the Discussions section. In Soda that's where the Milestone Badges are housed :0)

    Hope you play Jelly also though and stick around! Check out the Jelly Community News for latest comps/ events/ great discussions and helpful tips....we have new Jellybeans to collect also and you can find a heads up about them there too 🥳

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