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Did you accomplish a Milestone Level?

LadyRaffie Posts: 3,924 Community Manager
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Hello Sodalicious people!

👉 Do you pop bottles like a master?

👉Do you eat the chocolates like no one else?

👉Do you feel the urge to save every bear in trouble?

Then, we are sure you are mastering your skills in our Sodalicious game!

That is why we thought you deserve to wear with pride our Level Badges for each milestone you have accomplished!

Find below the links for each one of them:

🏅 Level 1000

🏅Level 2000

🏅Level 3000

🏅Level 4000

🏅Level 5000

🏅Level 6000

🏅Level 7000

🏅Level 8000

🏅Level 9000

Wear them with pride - you deserve it!! 🤗

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