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How To Guide

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- View and update your profile
- Change/update your notification preferences
- Update your avatar
- Post on the Community
- Add smiley and images/screenshot to your post
- Report a post

- View and update your profile

Click on your Avatar on the top right corner to go to your profile - Then click on the green button on the right hand side and select "Edit Profile"

- Change/update your notification preferences


- Update your avatar

Go to your profile and hover the mouse on your avatar. You will then be able to click "Change picture" and choose or upload an avatar.

- Post on the Community

There are 3 kinds of threads you can create: Discussion, Poll and Question. 
Start a discussion for any subject you would like to chat about with other members - Remember to check if someone else already opened a discussion on the same topic before starting yours.

If you are curious to see what other members think, you can create New Poll which means ask a question an offer multiple answers. You'll basically run a survey!

And you can also Ask a Question if you need help with anything and need answers. 

To tag another Community member add @ -sign and then start writing member's name. 

To create a new post, select your category and click on New Discussion on the right corner. 

- Add smiley and images/screenshots to your post

- Report a post

Simply click on Flag below the comment you judge inappropriate, then on Report.

You will then be asked the reason for reporting and a notification will be sent to our Team to check. Note that you will not receive any answer from us regarding our decision to take action or not. 

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