Can anyone tell me what the pink Booster which looks a bit like a donut does?

Crusher18Crusher18 Posts: 1,286

I think it is a donut but I still haven’t managed to work it out how exactly it works to help you. 

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  • UnknownUnknown Posts: 10
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    The candy crush saga coconut wheel , or coconut ring, booster is a very powerful booster with many different uses.To use it you need to swap it with another candy.. You can't move it except by removing the candies underneath to make it drop.It is only available to use on ingredients levels. ie: levels where you have to get nuts or cherries down the board. You can win the booster on the booster wheel, or you can buy it with gold, real money....On some levels the coconut wheel is already on the board at the start of the game but on others you have to click on it before you start the game. When you click on the coconut wheel booster you will get it randomly dropping during the game, sometimes you will get only one or two and other times you can get more.

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  • Tune_DTune_D Posts: 1,090 ✭✭✭

    Hey Crusher18, this is the Coconut Wheel and it tastes great :-)! It's there from level 15 but not available to use in all the levels. You can also win it on the Booster Wheel. It creates 3 striped candies and crushes all of them.

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